Bryan, over at AtariAge, has announced that Revision D of his Ultimate Atari Video upgrade is ready for production and he is accepting pre-orders:

The latest version of the UAV (Ultimate Atari Video) board is finally ready for production.  I am currently working on a run to ship in mid-late January.
This board is compatible with the 2600, 5200, 7800, and all Atari 8-bits.  Most of the information in the previous thread is still relevant, but I’ll be incorporating the important stuff into this thread.…de-coming-soon/
Differences from Rev C:
1. The adjustable delay circuit is improved and allows a ~40-45ns shift in the relative Chroma/Luma phase. The pictures below show the composite output when the UAV is set to the XE’s Red/Blue and the 800XL’s Purple/Green.  As before, the two artifact colors can be swapped with a jumper. See this post for more info on machine specific colors.
2. All inputs now have current limiting resistors.  This reduced noise slightly and makes the board a bit more goof-proof. 
3. The jumper positions are different from Rev C and there’s now a plug-in setting for the 2600.
4. The NCS2553 video amp is now a NCS2563.  The new amp is intended for high-def purposes and doesn’t have the 8MHz NTSC filter. All filtering is now done on the board and it looks a bit better.  IMO the composite output now approaches the look of S-Video on a good monitor.
5. There is a spare pad on the board for attaching the TIA input on the 7800 (Tcol).
The pricing is slightly higher than Rev C since I’m paying for partial assembly and a couple of the new parts are a little more than the ones I previously used.

As before, I will offer this board in 3 configurations:
1. Plug-In – A Plug-In unit for the CD4050 socket (~$25 + shipping)
2. Basic – A basic version that must be wired in (missing the pin-headers and green terminal strip) (~$22 + shipping)
3. Kit -A basic version with the components to make it a plug-in version for custom installations. (~$25 + shipping)
If you want to get on the pre-order list, please send me a PM.
Use this post to decide which boards to order. If you have a 2600 with a CD4050 chip, you can now use the Plug-In board (the Rev C Plug-In board lacked jumper settings for the 2600).