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Atari 1010: Types and Revisions

Variations of the Atari 1010 tape drive

{Recovered Atari Sector}
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Just a quick thread on the 1010. Some updates on identification, and sourcing spare parts.

First up, it's important to know which 1010 you have - bear in mind that - even if the serial no / label has been removed, there are other identifiers for marking yours out.

have a look at this: - shows the difference between to two models

[​IMG] {unrecoverable image}

obvious difference is the positions of the "Pause" and "Stop/Ej" buttons
but also on further inspection there are four differences in the layout/appearance inside the tape window

underside - charcoal label = model BPA7YJ1010 [hong kong]
underside - white label = model BPA99H1010 [japan]

One of the first things you'll need to replace are the drive belts.

This'll depend which belt it is and which 1010 model you have, here's a summary
belt measurement: 10.5" x .025" x .125"​

Motor Drive Belt FC100228
Counter Belt FC100229​

Motor Drive Belt FC100250
Counter Belt FC100251​

You can still get belts here: (and they have a little selection guide)
part no (close match) FS10.6
measurment: 10.6" x .031" x .12"

or these:
part no: 79-10.55
measurement: 10.5" x .025" x .125"

also worth trying these people in the Netherlands

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