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Atari 1060 CP/M

An Atari attempt into CP/M compatibility

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1060 CP/M Module

This was Atari's attempt to venture into CP/M compatability. compatibility to XL home computers. The Atari 1060 [Sweat Pea] was to be an add-on for Atari XL (and 1st gen 400/800) computers.
The move to CP/M was an Atari gamble - remember this was before MSDos became the ubiquitous omnipresent of today.

1060 spec:
■ onboard composite video
■ text in 40 + 80 col, + Atari Ascii (Atascii) graphics.
■ printer and drive connectivity via built-in SIO ports
■ built-in Boot ROM​

1060 was cancelled due to the imminent release of the 1090 and (planned) to be superseded by a 1066 CP/M card for the 1090.


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