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Atari 1090 Expansion System

Cancelled Atari 1090 Expansion System

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1090 Expansion System

The 1090 was to be the official route for expansion of the XL range (both current 600/800xl and planned 1400xl/1450xld). The unit allowed for multiple PBI cards to be added.

Various revisions of this board were planned - inlcuding an 8-slot version allowing for additional SIO board, allowing connectivity to the older 1st gen and 1200xl machines.

Initial add-on expansion boards included:
■ 80 column video
■ z80 CP/M
■ 65k Ram expansion
■ The potential for further expansion via 8086/85186 IBM compatability was planned via an additional PBI control line to a planned CPU board.​

some of the proposed (but never produced) add-ons included:
■ Disk Drive Controller
■ Votrax
■ 300/1200 Modem
■ Touch Tone Decoder
■ EPROM Programmer
■ B.S.R. Controller Interface
■ HDD Interface
■ Ram Disk
■ Battery Backup CMOS RAM
■ Corvus Interface
■ Ethernet
■ Relay Switch
■ IEEE 488 Control Card
■ R/Time Clock
■ Printer Buffer/Spooler
■ APPLE Card
■ VCS 2600 Adapter and Converter Card
■ Infra Red Interface​



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