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Atari 8-Bit Hardware Projects for the Enthusiast

A bibliography of articles and books on Atar 8-bit hardware projects

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This bibliography (of sorts) began while researching previous projects and has expanded greatly while organizing my magazine collection. Articles or books on hardware projects requiring a screw driver and/or a soldering iron were added to the list along with a general interest piece or two. Most of these articles/books can easily be found on the web and will be in hard copy forever.

I'm hoping that someone will find the inspiration within this list to build or update some of these projects and pass their wisdom on to the rest of us.

I also hope to update this list in the future with information provided in your comments, but not tomorrow.

Adamson, George, "400 Upgrade: keyed up and RAMing to go", Antic, July 1983.

Alhart, Paul, "Adding Sound to Your Monitor", Atari Classics January/February 1995, Page 7 - 8.

Alhart, Paul, "Floppy Drive Mods and Repairs", Atari Classics Apr 1994, Page 26-28.

Anderson, John , "Build Your Own Light Pen", The Creative Atari, 1983, Creative Computing Press, Page 89-91

Anderson, John, "Talk is Getting Cheaper", The Creative Atari, 1983, Creative Computing Press, Page 99-103 (voice synth. Options, RS232).

Anderson, John, "Joytricks", The Creative Atari, 1983, Creative Computing Press, Page 105-109.

Andrews, Thomas, "Tracking Down An Upgrade Malfunction", Classic Computing, Dec 1992.(fixing problems RAMBO upgrade)

Atari 850: Interface Module Operator's Manual, Atari, Inc., 1980, Publication #CO15953 rev.1

Baggetta, Albert, "Verbot Commander, Atari talks to your robot", Antic Jun 1987, Page 39-40.

Bartlett, Bill, Tracking Your Track-Ball, Atari Connection, Atari, Inc., Spring 1984, Page 57-59.

Barton, Michael, "XL Expansion Connector", Analog 29, Page 48-51.

Bass, Patrick, "LINKLINE, Run your 8-bit Atari from your ST", Antic Aug 1986, Page 55-58, 87-95.

Brenner,Jeff, "Applying The Atari", Computer Shopper, Sept 1986, Page 77-78.(CX85 Drive)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces", Analog 42, May 1986, Page 125-130. (Hardware series start)

Brillian, Lee, "Bits & Pieces ", Analog 43, Jun 1986, Page 29-33. (logic gates, transistor, joystick ports)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces", Analog 44, Jul 1986, Page 41-43. (switching LEDs, relays)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces", Analog 46, Sep 1986, Page 105-113. (MSM5832 clock chip)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces", Analog 48, Nov 1986, Page 29-31. (Optoisolator, Phototransistor, optical event sensor, latch circuit)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces", Analog 50, Jan 1987, Page 43-48. (Rodent - mouse type input device)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces: Atari Zucchini", Analog 59, Apr 1988, Page 35-39. (print buffer Part 1, mouser mod)

Brilliant, Lee, "bits & Pieces: Atari Zucchini, Part 2", Analog 60, May 1988, Page 79-82. (print buffer operation)

Brilliant, Lee, "bits & Pieces: Atari Zucchini, Part 3", Analog 62, Jul 1988, page 63-73. (Print buffer hardware)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces: Hooking up a BSR X-10 controller to your Atari", Analog 53, Apr 1987, Page 73-77.

Brilliant, Lee, "bits & Pieces: POPS", Analog 66, Nov 1988, Page 54-60. (3 channel sound)

Brilliant, Lee, "Bits & Pieces: Sights and sounds", Analog 57, Sep 1987, Page 43-50.

Brilliant, Lee, "bits & Pieces: UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source)", Analog 69, Feb 1989, page 20-21, 52-53,64-65.

Brilliant, Lee, "Cheep Talk: Build your own Speech Synthesizer", Analog 29, Page 59-67. (SPO256-AL2 chip)

Chapnick, Philip, "Body Heat: Science Comes Alive with AtariLab", Atari Connection, Summer 1984.

Cherry, Charles, "Connect Your VCR to Your Atari", Antic, Apr 1988, Page 40.

Cherry, Charles, "Switchable XE", Antic, Mar 1988, Page 11. (switch select OS chip)

Cole, Charles, "Super Video For the 130XE", Atari Classics Dec 1993, Page 21-23.

Constan, Randolph, "Circuit Database", Analog 24, page 39-49. (program )

DeWitt, Robert, "A Cable For Your Printer: The Centronics connection", Antic January 1984. Page 83.

DeWitt, Robert, "Anatomy of an 800XL: Inside the belly of the beast", Antic June 1984, Page 32-35.

Dubin, Marshall S., Interfacing Your Atari, The Creative Atari, 1983, Creative Computing Press, Page 149-151(digital joystick input)

Engl, Bernard, "Mouser: A mouse for your 8-bit Atari", Analog 40, Mar 1986, Page 97-101.

Evans, Carl, "Tape Topics: The 410 Hi-Rel Mod: Eliminate the most frequent cause of bad loads", Antic February 1984, Page 76-77.

Evans, Carl, "Tape Topics: Get Your Head Straight, The line on alignment", Antic 1983.

Evans, Carl, "Tape Topics: Schematic: Tighten the window", Antic, Apr 1983. (410)

Evans, Carl, "Tape Topics: Last of the schematics", Antic, May 1983. (410 mod)

Fernandez, Adelbert, "DE RE Joystick: Programming and Repairing the first user friendly Computer Interface"

Filpski, Alan, "Apprentice Robot Arm Kit", Antic July 1983, page 110-111.(review)

Frumker, Bruce, "Atari Videodisc System: The secrets of controlling a laser videodisc from your Atari Computer", Analog 70, Mar 1989, page 44-47. (Pioneer LD-V6000 with RS232 port)

Herring, Richard, "Anatomy of an Atari", Antic, Apr 1983. (inside of 800)

Herring, Richard, "Installing Your Own GTIA Chip", Analog Issue 10, Page 94-97.

Hsu, Hans, "Create a two-headed Printer Cable", Antic, Feb 1986, Page 27-28.

Jackson, Charles and Chapman Steven, "Dot-Matrix Digitizer, your printer can digitize photos!", Antic, Apr 1985, Page 40-42, 69

Jainschigg, John, "Data Transfer: The Productivity Bridge", Atari Explorer - Summer 1987

Kilbourene, Holcomb, and Hall, "Stepper Motor Robot-Controller", Antic Dec. 1986, Page 62-65, 116-117.

Krahmer, Jon, "XL Color Boost: hotwire for 800XL color", Antic, Nov 1986, Page 42-43.

Krischan, Thomas, "Ultra Sound", Antic, Feb 1983. (audio cable)

Krueger, Michael, "Lie Detector: Build Your Own State-of-the-art Sherlock Holmes", Antic, March 1986, Page 37-38, 90.

Kushner, Richard, "Atari Meets the Real World", Compute!'s First Book of Atari, Small System Services, Inc., 1981, Page 174-177. (RS232)

Lashower, Steven, "Antic Sampling Processor", Antic, Feb/Mar 1990, Page 11-14. (software on disk, no listing)

Lea, Jack, TT Touch: Improving the feel of your 130XE keyboard with this welcome upgrade", Atari Classics January - February 1995, Page 33-35.

Layne, Darren, "Left Handed Joysticks", Analog Issue 9, Page 23.

Lee, Donald, "Color Alighnment Generator", Analog 38, Jan. 1986, Page 7-12. (pattern generator)

Leinerker, Richard C., Your Atari 8-bit Comes Alive, Computer Spectrum, Inc.,1987.

Leyenberger, Arthur, "The End User: Controlling a robot with your Atari Computer", Analog 33, page 76-79. (Verbot control)

Little, John, "Real World Interface", Antic, Feb 1989, Page 52-55, 28. (relay control)

Long, Michael, "Communications for the Handicapped", Analog 15, Page 15-20.

Macy, Alan, "Make A Face: Parallel printer interface for peanuts", Antic Oct. 1983, Page 53-56.(for 400/800).

Mastel, Vern, "Simple Synthesizer: Make a musical peripheral for your ATARI", Antic, Nov 1983. (build a musical keyboard)

Marquardt, Bill, "Build The WEFAX Interface", Antic Sep 1986, Page 24-25, 81-82 (satellite weather map receiver)(issue contains several articles on interface use)

Marquardt, Bill, "Talking Typewriter: Atari Spells it out", Antic, Jan 1987, Page 13-14, 19, 21, 23,113. (SPO256-AL2 Speech synthesizer chip)

Matheson, Gary, "Looking Back: What is VersaWriter?" Atari Classics Jun 1993. Page 26 - 28. (Project Idea for coordinate input)

McHie, Jeff, "Atari Controls Your Environment: Simple computer appliance interface", Antic April 1984, Page 58-61,108.

Meyer, Robert, "A Low Bucks Memory Upgrade", Analog, Issue 6, Page 68-69.

Meyer, Robert, "Build Your Own 400 Keyboard", Analog Issue 9, Page 102-106.

Mingus, Nancy Blumenstalk, A Letter Quality Alternative For Atari Users, The Creative Atari, 1983, Creative Computing Press, Page 117-119(850 interface).

Mims, Forrest, "The Computer Scientist: Optoelectronic Digitizer", Computers & Electornics Dec. 1984, page 22-28. (light sensor on HP plotter)

Moore, Charles, "Color Codes for Resistors: Show me the way to know ohms", Antic, Aug 1983. (.BAS)

Moriarty, Brian, "Inside the Atari 600XL", Analog Issue 15, Page 32-37.

Moriarty, Brian, "Make Your Own 3-D glasses", Analog Issue 7, Page 70.

Moriarty, Brian, "Utility #6: SNAIL", Analog Issue 12, Page 94-97. (810 disk tachometer)

Newell, Wess, "Memories of Sally: How Do Those Newwell Memory Upgrades Work, Anyhow?", Current Notes, Current Notes, Inc, June 1993.

Nogas, Anthony, "Talker", Analog 56, Jul/Aug 1987, Page 54-64. (utility programs for Cheep Talk, T: handler)

Perdue, Mario, "Keyboard Encoding For Computer Music Applications, Part 1", Analog 33, page 63-70.

Perdue, Mario, "Keyboard Encoding For Computer Music Applications, Part2", Analog 34, page 67-71.

Poehland, Ben, "Audio Bypass Upgrade for the XL/XE", Atari Classics Oct 1993, Page 10 - 12.

Poehland, Ben, "Super Video 2.1XL", Atari Classics Dec 1993.

Ravi, S., "The 8bit Parallel Interface", Analog 44, Jul 1986, Page 19-22.

Rice, Earl, "The Parallel Bus Revealed", Antic Jan 1985, Page 44-47, 75.

Rice, Earl, "The Parallel Bus Revealed, Part II", Antic, Feb 1985, Page 68, 71.

Rice, Earl, "The Parallel Bus Revealed, Part III: Building the serial I/O board", Antic Mar 1985, Page 69-72, 76.

Rice, Earl, "Parallel Bus Revealed: Conclusion of the first-ever PBI usage guide", Antic April 1985, Page 49-53, 78.

Rosen, Evan, "Anatomy of a Robot: How to create controlled motion with your Atari", Antic Dec. 1983, Page 62-64.(Servos)

Rosen, Evan, "Has your Robot Hugged You Today", Antic January 1984, Page 38-42. (Servos)

Rowland, Rick, "Asteroids Controller", Analog Issue 5 ,Page 62.

Schelb, Steve, "The 810 Flip Switch", Analog 44, Jul 1986, page 9-10. (switch off/on write protection)

Simmons, Thomas, "Wild Inventions You Can Build For Pennies", Antic, Jun 1987, Page 42-43. (hex holder, thermal papermaker, bulk cassette eraser, computer vacuum, and Static charge detector)

Stuart, Ed, "Talk is Cheap", Antic, July 1983. (digitize sound)

Stuntz, Steve, "Morse Code Receiver: Atari dots and dashes, 70 words per minuite", Antic, Nov 1985, Page 41 - 42, 46, 54-57.

Swanson, Paul S., "Build a Low Cost Printer Interface", Analog 16, Page 36-41.

Switzer, Steve, "Atari Clinic", Antic, May 1983, Jun 1983, July 1983, Oct 1983. (reader hardware problems)

Wharry, S.M., "Interfacing a microcomputer and robot to a Pulsed NMR Spectrometer", American Laboratory Sep. 1985, page 157-165.

Wilmot, Ted, "Arm Your Atari, Part 1", Analog 44, Jul 1986, Page 109-114. (Radio Shack Armatron mod.)

Wilmot, Ted, "Arm Your Atari, Part 2", Analog 45, August 1986, Page 85-90. (Radio Shack Armatron mod.)

Woodgeard, Larry and Cherry Charles, "Build Your Own EPROM Burner: Chip programming for $30", Antic Dec 1985, Page 69-74, 89-92.

Woolley, Bob, "65816: more 6816 mutterings,", Atari Classics January - February 1995, page 27-29.

Woolley, Bob "65816 Part2 : Programming the 65816", Atari Classics, Sep-Oct 1995, Page 30-32.

Woolley, Bob, "65816 = Speed", Atari Classics Sep/Oct 1994, Page 34-36.

Woolley, Bob, "Basic Skills - Soldering", Atari Classics, Jan-Feb 1996, Page 14-17.

Woolley, Bob, "Controlling Servos", Atari Classics, Jan-Feb 1996, Page 29-32.

Woolley, Bob, "Dallas "ROMs"", Atari Classics, Fall 1996, Page 16.

Woolley, Bob, "The IDEal Hard Drive", Atari Classics, Fall 1996, Page 20-22.

Woolley, Bob, "IDE Driver Software", Atari Classics, Fall 1996, Page 23 -27.

Woolley, Bob, "Smart IDE", Atari Classics, Fall 1996, Page 17-19. (Smart OS update/upgrade)

Woolley, Bob, "Smart OS", Atari Classics, Sep-Oct 1995, Page 25-29.(Replace ROM OS chip with a programmable EEPROM, Requires Dallas Smart Socket)

Woolley, Bob, "TTL Video For The Classics Atari", Atari Classic Dec 1993, Page 14-17.

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