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Just been helping a guy on AAge with how to make a dos disk in Atari800win emulator and then write/save his short basic program to ATR within atari800win.

anyhow, for any new (to emulator) people here's a mini walkthru - you'll need your Dos 2.5.ATR file ready.

ps - let's use this thread for any emulator help at all - that you might think useful - no matter how simple...post 'em here

creating and booting your own new Dos ATR file

1] load up atari800win emulator
2] check some settings first: from menu: ATARI>>SETTINGS>>DISABLE BASIC>>OK and ATARI>>MEMORY SIZE (320kb rambo / 576k)
3] file>>autoboot image >> dos 2.5.atr
4] atari>>disk drives>> new image >> 130kb >> attach disk image to drive 2 >> create >> name it newDOS.atr >> save
5] in Emulator Dos Menu - I Format Disk >> 2 >> Y
6] in Emulator Dos Menu - H Write Dos Files >> 2 >> Y
7] atari>>disk drives>> clear all >> ok
now test your disk image
8] file>>autoboot image >> newDOS.atr

adding your own basic file to your newly-created Dos ATR

in atari800win emulator main menu
go to
2] check some settings first: from menu: ATARI>>SETTINGS>> and untick DISABLE BASIC>>OK
3] file>>autoboot image >> newDOS.atr
4] at READY prompt, type your program listing
5] when complete, on next line type:
6] SAVE "D1:test.bas"

now to check you've saved it to the loaded disk image,
7] check some settings first: from menu: ATARI>>SETTINGS>> DISABLE BASIC>>OK
8] file>>autoboot image >> newDOS.atr
9] DISK OPERATING SYSTEM II main menu should appear
10] select item or return for menu - select: A - DISK DIRECTORY, A
11] directory -- search spec, list file: hit RETURN
12] listing should appear:

* dos.sys 037
* dup.sys 042
* ramdisk.com 009
* setup.com 070
* copy32.com 056
* diskfix.com 057
test.bas 001
738 free sectors​

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