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First-Generation CPU OS Mods for the Atari 8-bit

Operating system upgrades for the Atari 8-bit home computer

{Recovered Atari Sector}
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Operating System upgrades

UltraSpeed + OS : from CSS. Supports high speed disk
communication. Drives 1 through 9. Any RAM upgrade. Includes
three modes: standard XL/XE OS; 400/800 OS; UltraSpeed+ OS. For
XL/XE systems.

Omnimon: from Newell. M/l monitor for 400/800. Installs into
$C000 page of memory, otherwise unused.

RAMROD OS: from Newell. Replacement for 400/800. Includes
accelerated floating point math package.

RAMROD XL: from Newell. OS speed-up routines, fast math, and
Omnimon. Includes option for second OS.

XL Boss: from Allen Macroware. OS replacement for XL model
computers. Includes m/l monitor. 400/800 OS compatible.

TurBoss: available from KP and Best. Fast math and fast screen
routines. For XL/XE computers.

DP OS Version 4: Fast floating point math, fast screen display, graphics 0
screen dump, fast keyboard repeat. For XL/XE computers.

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