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GUI Graphic Operating Systems on the Atari 8-Bit home computers

Compilation of GOS/GUI systems for the Atari 8-bit home computer

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Just so this thread isn't all about ATOS, though I think it's the best so far, here are other Atari graphic operating systems. Choose your flavor.

- Diamond GOS version 1 (Link to download disk version in the first post of the thread at top of page. a cart and a PD demo-disk-version do exist),
version 2 (cart only), version 3 (cart only); plus some applications
(painter program, text program, etc.); Diamond GOS has been made
freeware by the author Alan Reeve;

- G.O.S., the Graphic operating system by Total Control systems; two different
versions are avaiable (I call them GOS 1 and GOS 2) and they are PD;

- G.O.E., the Graphic Operating Environment also by Total Control Systems
(this one merely works under Sparta DOS, not with Bewe-DOS and not at all with
DOS 2.x); so far I have found 3 different versions (GOE 1,2,3) with some
applications (graphic/painting program, etc.); PD;

- S.A.M., the Screen Aided Management (unfortunately it has the same name as
SAM, the software aided mouth) from PPP/Germany. It is avaiable in two
different versions: a) the type-in listing from Atari magazin and/or the Lazy
finger disks (which are PD!) or b) the commercial version 2.0 which has many
add-ons and can still be bought from Dean Garaghty/UK or
PD-World-Versand/Germany; This GUI merely works correct under DOS 2.5 and
Medium/dual density, however...

- BOSS-XL, the XL-Desktop from Mirko Sobe; written in Turbo-BASIC; freeware;

- BOSS-XE, the XE-Desktop from Mirko Sobe; written in Turbo-BASIC;freeware;

- BOSS-X the newest desktop version from Mirko Sobe, needs an 128k+ Computer
(128k or more memory), supports MyDOS up to 16MB and MyDOS subdirs...; still
written in Turbo-BASIC; many applications and drivers; freeware;

- XL-TOS a small and "cheap" GUI version from Atari magazin (i.e. a type-in
listing; the BASIC file, which consists of many data lines creates a short
object code file); unfortunately this GUI only looks good, it loads almost
nothing... PD;

- ST-TOS a small BASIC program, that looks like a GUI; it can merely load
BASIC files and do a few DOS commands, like lock, unlock, delete and such...

- BASIC desktop, a GUI written in BASIC just as a sample, what can be done
with an 8-bit computer; this one loads BASIC and text files (maybe also ML
files); PD;

- DCS, the desktop construction set from Tom Hunt; there are 3 different
versions avaiable, a) for DOS 2.5, b) for MyDOS andc) for Sparta-DOS; I have
tested the Sparta DOS version, which worked with batchfiles and could easily
load some ML files, text files and BASIC files (which were already on the DCS
disk); it also works with high densities and/or hard disk partitions up to
16MB and supports subdirs of course; hmm, freeware or shareware ?!?

- ATOS - GUI by Tom Hunt/Closer To Home.
1) Lets you use any demo or intro as a screen saver!!
2) Works with all Atari hardware, BB, MIO and Hard drives, SpartaDOS support
3) Lets you run files like full games and demos and then
return back to the desktop. It uses Overlays.

- Atari Desktop by ABC software (Poland), includes editors, converters,
file copiers, sector copy, tape+turbo tape copy, small games, CMC finder
and player and much much more; works with 64k RAM and keyboard input;
disk manuals only in polish language...

- Windows XL a Turbo-BASIC GUI with some nice add-ons, like calculator, editor
and other things. written in 1986-1988 by Joerg Forg.

- TRS-Desktop by Tristesse.
TRS-Desktop 0.9c alpha:

Last, but not least, the GUI beta that is the most current GUI of all, and will be, most likely, the best, in the end is here (link also in first post):

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