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Red Screen Problems: XL/XE

Companion Article to "Black Screen" issues

{From a defunct Atari board}

This is really a "sister thread" to the Black Screen Problems thread.

You'll find that much of the potential causes are the same and solutions will be a repeat...and in the same way as the "Black Screen" thread - it'll depend on whether your board is socketed or soldered.

What I'll do, is start with the "Red Screen" only stuff. (please refer to board pic below - (from old AAge thread))

1] Leave system running and check if any chips get hot (twenty mins) should be long enough REPLACE ANYTHING HOT. Nothing getting hot? proceed to next step
2] Look at swapping in/out Basic Rom with known good part.
3] If no change, then next try; CPU, MMU, OS Rom and finally Ram chips
3] The fact that you have a red screen means that GTIA is (at least) working at a very fundamental level) - but can still be faulty. Replace.
4] Is your display steady or does it flip/roll? If steady, then again Antic is managing to issue VSYNC commands - but may still be faulty. Replace.
5] Finally, 800XL Field Service Manual states a reddish/brown display may be U2-U5, 18, 19, 28, 30. Replace these.

if NONE of the above works you'll need to refer to the "Black Screen" thread and work through it - ignoring anything you've already tried above.


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    1. Andy Barr Sep 29, 2023
      Yep, I've got a red screen now with my last remaining 130XE... I'm gonna see if Vyper Rich can squeeze the little beast into his list of repair jobs on at the mo.
      Thanks for this checklist article, Tim - somewhere in here lies my problem... and solution!
      Cheers, buddy.
      Andy Baz
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