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Talk is Cheap (on the Atari 8-bit)

Homebrew voice synthesizer electronics projects (collated)

[Updated: 2020, May 19]
Pages are listed as PDF page numbers, not actual magazine page number.

I didn't index every Atari-related article, mind you. Someone else can spend that time doing so. o_O

What I did index, though, was of particular interest to me as a person who believes that we still haven't tapped the abilities of the Atari both in a gaming and practical sense— especially given the available mods for Atari owners like myself and other enthusiasts. The system absolutely fascinates me for its ingenuity and untapped potential.

But I digress. :drool:

Without further ado, here are some articles to get you started... (I'll plan on generating an actual Article out of this and add the other two magazines.)

Antic Magazine [External Link]

July 1983, Volume 2, Number 4
Talk Is Cheap, Ed Stewart
Page 64-66 (See also Aug 1983, p 10 for corrections) (See also October 1983, Vol 2 No 7, page 12 for corrections)


ANALOG Magazine
[External Link]

Issue #29
Cheep Talk, Lee Brilliant, M.D.
Page 61-69
Issue #32
More on Cheep Talk
Page 9​

Issue #34
Project: Cheep Talk corrections
Page 96​

Issue #47
Project: Cheep Talk corrections
Page 96
Issue #56
Talker (for Cheep Talk / Issue 29), Anthony A. Nogas
Page 56-64​


Compute! Magazine
[External Link]

November 1982, Issue 30
REVIEW: Speech Synthesizers for Atari and Apple, Charles Brannon
Page 109, 112-113​


[More to come... ??]

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