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XL Generation - 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL Atari Home Computers

Overview of XL-series models from the Atari 8-bit line of home computers.

{From a now-defunct Atari board}

XL Generation - 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL

Model: 1200XL
Release Date: January 1983
Spec: CPU: 6502 1.79mhz / Ram: 64kb
Display: 24 X 40 text

Initial Sale Price: $899

Information: The forerunner to the 600/800 XL, and very similar in many respects - especially styling and design. The non-standard 16k ROM, lack of built-in Basic or PBI expansion connector being the major weaknesses. The keyboard is (arguably) the best and most responsive of any fitted across the Atari home computer range, and came with an expanded function key set. Machine only ever sold in the USA - for only four months in early 1983, poor sales, combined with no European distribution served to ensure that the 1200XL was swiftly super-ceded by the 600/800XL

My understanding is that there are "two" different hardware changes between Rev10 and Rev11
• removed on-board jumper and (with it) option to force boot to Self-Test;
• PBI support;
• support for on-board BASIC;
• no Power-Up screen (although, in some I think the splash screen is present but the [c} is added.​

Coding layout/arrangement varies, primarily system initialization routines and screen device handler.​


Model: 600XL
Release Date: June 1983
Spec: CPU: 6502 1.79mhz / Ram: 16kb (expandable to 64kb via 1064 ram expansion module)
Display: 24 X 40 text

Initial Sale Price $199

Information: The 600XL was intended as the "entry-level" model replacement for the 400. With 16K of memory, built-in BASIC and PBI it could be used in conjunction with expansion devices, for example; the Atari 1064 64K memory module and the Atari 1090XL Expansion System. The Atari 600XL, as with it's older cousin - the Atari 400, and, unlike it's younger sibling - the Atari 800XL, it lacked a composite video output.​


Model: 800XL
Release Date: October 1983
Spec: CPU: 6502 1.79mhz / Ram: 64kb
Display: 24 X 40 text

Initial Sale Price: $299

Information: Having 64 KB of RAM, two joystick ports and the custom chips (Pokey, GTIA, Antic) consistent with previous Atari build. As with the 600XL it included a high-speed access PBI. One major enhancement being the new Antic chip providing 16 graphics modes as opposed to the 800's 12.​


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