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Maybe peep's can see just how much this glandular fever has affected me. Gone from zooming around with a rocket up my backside to trying to pull along what feels like a 10 ten block of lead.

I've always stated I've never been a lazy sod, and recently I've been missing out, with no get up and go, It just wasn't me. Things are getting better and seemed to be sustained improvement.
Recently been asked to help a new Drama group with there lighting and Sound, something I gave up when I split from my Ex. (It's an amiciable split, but at the time I thought it best to give it up as she was on the commitee)
I had been doing the lighting and helping with setting up the sound for a fair number of years and picked up several what have been dubbed NOSCARS, i.e a take on OSCARS, but given out by NODA for the EAST region (The National Operatic and Dramatic Association)
Apart from the fact I had some kind of flair for getting the lighting looking good, using lighting level,colour and timing, it also gave me a chance to use my electronics & programming skills.
I built within a comic spider, the electronics both to recieve the Radio based DMX signal, and use that to control lighting effects to the spiders eyes and fangs. I'd also built the DMX transmitter and added that to the professional theatre's equipment.

Well I guess I have to organise myself, Drama production if it goes ahead it'll be mid Feb 2021. The guy writing the play, ad acting as Director, has promised to work with me in regard actor's movement on stage etc.
Important as going from a proper full sized theatre, to a village hall stage with limited lighting equipment. Thankfully maybe a few hours each week (on Zoom) at the moment bit more time needed nearer production date.

Also been asked by a good friend to help him with returning to Motorbike racing after over a 20 year Gap
I'll be building engines, looking after the bike I guess in the pit swapping tyres, chains an' sprokets etc.
Well it won’t all be just me; Mike runs a motorcycle business and is very happy working on bikes, but maybe not so much building up race engines. In my youth, I have built and redesign several manufactured engines, V8 Mercrusier's (Chevy car engine's marinised) for Round the Isle of White racing boats, V8 & Straight 6's for Drag Racing, several race engines for saloon car racing, And I'm not sure if any of my road cars had engines that hadn't been played with is some way. I used to do some of this with another guy, He had aspirations and ended up working in F1 initially Benetton, later Renault and then Red Bull Racing, He was my Best man but disappeared of the face of the world following his parting from his better half.

I know Mike wants’ me to sit down and check all the information we have been given for the bike, things like the gear ration and sprocket sizes to give different top speed's and work out what’s best for each circuit we visit, The math is o.k. but depends on how Mike wants the bike setup, better acceleration from corners or ultimate top speed towards the end of the longest straight, or a compromise of the two, so the info, might not be much use. That will be my biggest learning curve as I couldn't do that with the saloon car racing I was involved with. (we did with Drag racing but once found the sweet spot stayed with those gears)
We now have different tyre compounds, intermediate and Wets' plus tyre blankets to deal with so a lot of pit equipment and wheels in addition to the Bike, Mike's just happy to have me doing the rebuilds as reading through the very complete Honda works manual there are some exotic materials used, and can only be reused several times, some parts are single use and replace. All of the engine build history is missing so the first engine build will be expensive with all new bolts, bearings, pistons, rings etc etc. from then on, it's keeping careful records of the parts changed, reused etc. Engine life is about 1400-1500 miles between rebuilds, and I'll have a two week gap, so maybe only a week for a full rebuild, before refitting and checking all o.k for next practice/ race.

I'm sure it will impinge on some other area's as shooting competitions tend to run at weekends as well, however I'll be supporting Mike, and may only miss a few shoots.

I’m only pleased that there are 24 Hours in a day, so at least I can spend sometime playing with my Atarti’s as well.