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Is it real or is it Memorex


Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

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There is indeed a problem with telling old stories, are they true, are they embellished, has the story changed by memory issues etc etc. Every one of these is possible, and even multiple parts of all of them. Time as we all start to find out isn't kind to our bodies, life's stresses also invade and destroy simple parts of us, memory is usually the first to feel the mental effects. I've started to notice that myself but at the moment I live a very stressful life but I do try to relate what I know as clearly as I can, I make mistakes, usually its because I've heard something and taken it 'as fact' only to be thankfully corrected but when it comes to experiences I personally have had I don't embellish, its simply not my way, If I say I worked for Atari User then there's proof to see, but then again for me telling a pack of lies serves zero purpose, trying to remember what version of the truth I told would drive me insane, if I say something happened then that's the way it happened, I may forget some words from conversations but the event was real and as said.

Me personally, I've had a very odd life, never run of the mill, some parts were shear hell, some incredibly sad and others incredibly great. Trust me, mental health stuff isn't good, stress isn't good and life can be a cruel bastard but I think I've had enough positives to outweigh the negatives. I've met people whom I regard as icons in different fields, I've been in the right place at the right time a lot but also very much in the wrong place too many times. While I still inhabit this world I'll just be the same old me, sure if I win the lottery I'll make my family safe and maybe have a few treats but I'll not change, I'm now sort of set in stone. I was brought up with certain values that I uphold daily, decency, honesty and respect. I'll end with a true story about a guy I once worked with at Maplin, his name was Dave and Dave told anyone who would listen that he USED to be in the S.A.S. but was discharged with an injury that left shrapnel in his shoulder. Now one night all of us from work went out and had some beers (can't stand beer now) now one of the others guys from the shop had his mate whose name I can't remember I think it was Tony. Now Tony was a beefy guy, strong as an ox and very straight forward but became a little argumentative when beered up. So dave is doing the old SAS story and Tony is calling him a liar so Dave says "Well I have shrapnel in the should and I have no feeling in this part of the arm" at which point Tony grabs Dave's arm and sinks his teeth straight in to the supposedly numb part, Dave screamed like a man whose arm was not numb and in some agony to which Tony says "bloody liar"........And that is why I think people should keep their stories to as exact as it was in the first place, there's always a 'Tony' looking to prove a point.

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