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My Atari 8-bit systems in detail



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Atari 1200XL system

1200XL internal upgrades:
PBI, APE Warp+ 32-in-1 OS, XL/XE MMU, Internal BASIC, Dual POKEY stereo with pre-amp board and stereo headphone output, SuperVideo 2.1 video upgrade, +5v SIO fix, Hi-speed SIO mod, keyboard fix, Pal GTIA conversion board, PAL GTIA, PAL ANTIC, cartridge port mod, Internal RGB LED lighting.

1200XL external upgrades:
Syscheck XL 2.1 PBI board with custom case: (4 OS switcher, 512K sram (576K total system ram)), Super SDX cartridge (SDX 4.8, battery backed Real Time Clock), MyIDE II cartridge: (full PBI compatibility, 512K sram, MyBIOS 4.9, FAT32 partition, APT partitions for SDX HDD drives 5-15, On-board OSS language carts and diagnostic SALT roms), RIX break-out-box audio/video output.

1088K total programmable memory internally & externally!


1050 disk drive with Happy double density Warp speed x3 57K SIO, built-in 1050toPC and SIO2PC RS232 com ports, front drive # switch and SIO activity LED's, internal LED lighting

1050 disk drive with Happy (see above) and front drive # switch, internal LED lighting.

1030 modem

1020 plotter

1010 tape drive with Rambit Turbo-tape upgrade, Stereo external I/O mod, Power switch mod, SIO activity light mod.

CA-2001 DD 180K Indus GT clone drive with built-in CP/M mode with 64K memory. Custom XL paint job

"1027" R.D. XL/XE eprom burner supporting 2732-27512 eproms with custom XL case.

SDrive-MAX SIO2SD floppy drive emulator w/custom XL case

Panasonic KX-P2023 24-pin dot-matirix printer w/custom XL paint job

CX-40 joysticks x2 with Stick Stand w/modified SpyHunter oil/smoke button

CX-22 track-ball

CX-77 touch tablet

CX-20 driving controller

CX-30 Paddle controllers

Super-Sketch analog drawing board

STFM-1 XL painted mouse

Starmaster Joystick x2

Wico Command Control joystick

Custom XL painted PC speakers

Atari 800 system

Atari 800 internal upgrades*:
Incognito ( CF drive; HDD APT partitions, full PBI compatibility, SDX 4.8 w/RTC on-board, 1MB memory upgrade, 64K flash memory, 4 OS switcher, full XL/XE compatibility), Dual POKEY stereo upgrade, Dual PIA upgrade, audio/video output upgrade, cart port mod for The!Cart, internal LED lighting

External upgrades:
The!Cart w/512K sram, 128MB flash memory.

1088K programmable memory internally, 512K external, total programmable memory 1600K!


810 SD disk drive

Indus GT x2 DD high-speed drives

CX-77 touch-pad

AtariLab Interfaces x3

Tandy mouse

PC speakers

*work in progress

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