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Commodore VIC, 64, and 128

Featuring the Commodore 8-bit line of home computers


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  1. Graham
    I have to say Matt how great it is for you to take in your broher and look after him in his time of need. Not all families are like that. Well what can I say Matt, I'd always predicted you would...
  2. M.D.Baker
    I've been doing some more re-arranging of my XL Command Center. As I've been slowly building my Atari 8-bit original software collection, I've been running short on space. At least to have the...
  3. Graham
    That's good to know I take it it is now working and the teensy programmed to read the keyboard matrix ? Well Done !! P.S is it able to run off a battery supply I can't remember what you said .....
  4. Graham
    It's looking good, do we get to see any shots of it working yet or are you still working on it? gotta to jet set willy on in:)
  5. Robofruit
    @Graham Some updated pictures. I opted for a metal briefcase as the enclosure. I have modified a modern NES style controller to act as a two button joypad. I used pin 9 for the second button to...

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