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About Z*Magazine

Z*Magazine - the 8-bit Atari Online Resource

  1. Timothy Kline
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    Subject: About Z*Magazine
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    Date: Sat Jul 3 20:03:22 1993

    About Z*Magazine - the 8-bit Atari Online Resource

    Z*Magazine is the ORIGINAL Atari-related online magazine from which most
    others have descended, including STZ-Magazine, STReport, Z*Net, and Atari
    Explorer Online.

    This board holds ALL issues of Z*Magazine available. While there is
    some information in Z*Mag on all Atari products, the focus is predominately
    on the 8-bit 400/800/XL/XE line of Atari computers.

    The Atari SIG thanks the following people for contributing the bulk of the
    issues found here:

    Frank Seipel, an533
    Joe Sabatino, ap105
    Kit Kimes, kimes@iwcs.att.com
    Jeff Potter, potter@sunny0.dab.ge.com

    If you appreciate this source of Z*Mags, consider sending notes of
    thanks to these people!

    It took nearly two years for your Atari SIGOps to collect all the Z*Mags
    found here. We believe the immense amount of information contained
    herein is an important information resource not only for 8-bit Atari
    computer users, but for all Atari users.

    Michael Current, aa700
    8-bit Atari SIGOp