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Atari O.S information 2020-06-16

Collection of documents and links to Atari O.S information

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    Documentation for RAMRODXL by Newell industries.

    Atari 8-bit Home Computers - Operating System sources
    https://seriouscomputerist.atariverse.com/media/htm/Atari 8-Bit OS - Read Me.htm
    if your into coding

    The original 400/800 had a 10k ROM OS. There was nothing in memory from $C000-CFFF. The later xl/xe models all had 16k OSes. As an added bonus, the xl/xe OS was in a 28 pin ROM that was pin compatible with a 27128 EPROM. What does this mean to the layman? With a little knowledge of 6502 assembly and an EPROM burner, you can write your own operating system (or at least change Atari's).

    A Summary of Atari Operating Systems
    • Rev A. No self test; Memo Pad mode
    • Rev B. Fixes several bugs in Rev A
    • XL OS. Some incompatibilities with 400/800 OS
    • Revised XL OS. Includes parallel bus handlers. Self test mode for 1200xl keyboard layoutInternal BASIC.
    • Revised XL OS. (as above)
    • Small number of 130xes released with corrected self test for expanded RAM, XE keyboard
    • Modified XL OS. Self-test mode changed. Internal Missile Command and BASIC
    Operating System upgrades
    UltraSpeed + OS: from CSS. Supports high speed disk communication. Drives 1 through 9. Any RAM upgrade. Includes three modes: standard XL/XE OS; 400/800 OS; UltraSpeed+ OS. For XL/XE systems.

    Omnimon: from Newell. M/l monitor for 400/800. Installs into $C000 page of memory, otherwise unused.

    RAMROD OS: from Newell. Replacement for 400/800. Includes accelerated floating point math package.

    RAMROD XL: from Newell. OS speed-up routines, fast math, and Omnimon. Includes option for second OS.

    Omniview: from Newell. Adds 80 column display, using Graphics 8 3-bit wide characters. Add-on for RAMROD boards, 400/800 and xl/xe versions.

    XL Boss: from Allen Macroware. OS replacement for XL model computers. Includes m/l monitor. 400/800 OS compatible.

    TurBoss: available from KP and Best. Fast math and fast screen routines. For XL/XE computers.

    Turbo 816: Chuck Steinman at Dataque released a modified OS that used the 16 bit capability of the 65816 CPU upgrade he sold. For XL/XE computers.

    DP OS Version 4: By David A. Paterson (don't ask about versions 1 through 3!). Fast floating point math, fast screen display, graphics 0 screen dump, fast keyboard repeat. For XL/XE computers.

    SmartOS: This is a hardware upgrade that installs a battery-backed RAM chip into your XL/XE. This lets you fool around with changing the OS and not have to burn new EPROMs constantly. Presented in AC 4/3.

    Hey sound like what I was doing with the static RAM O.S Controller

    Warp+ OS: From Steven Tucker of APE fame. High speed I/O, 4 OS versions. Plug in replacement for XL/XE computers.

    More to follow
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