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Computer House UK

A number of original design files from Computer House UK

  1. Graham
    I've found the original Design Files for a number of Computer House UK upgrades

    The C.U.P.I.D. Centronics compatible Printer port
    Basically it added an additional PIA Chip. The Software creates a suitable handler for EPSON Dot-matrix printers

    The O.S. Controller Card (the one I reverse engineered)
    Several Version of the Desktop Managment software released.

    The RAM over OS. Not sure where this came from but certainly not my design. Suspect the Guys that created the O.S Controller.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone come across any of the Computer house Software to let me know, to I can maintain an archive of same.

    I'm gradually Dis-Assembling those I have in Altirra to better under stand how they work, and will eventually update them and the hardware to my own design.

    Just so that I can and Learn to code in Assembler :)

    OS Controller.jpeg
    RAM over OS_1.jpeg
    RAM over OS_2.jpeg
    RAM over OS_3.jpeg


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