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Timothy Kline

Z*Magazine: 16-Aug-86

Z*Magazine: 16-Aug-86

  1. Timothy Kline
    Article #21 (214 is last):
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    Subject: Z*Magazine: 16-Aug-86
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    Date: Sat Jul 3 20:41:48 1993

    This copy blindly converted to pure ASCII by Michael Current.

    * **
    * *
    * ** *
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    * * * * *
    * * * * *
    * * * * *
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    *---->August 16, 1986<----*

    Xx Contents

    <*> Product Review--Carina BBS
    <*> Commentary
    <*> File Extenders
    <*> Floppie Disk Care
    <*> Interested in Getting Zmag?
    <*> Zmag Newsletter Update
    <*> Pornography
    <*> Z-Systems
    <*> Zmag Update
    <*> Editor Notes/Zsystems Update
    <*> Larry's Corner-Carina Help
    Xx Editor Notes & Zsystems Update

    Thanks for reading another Zmag
    issue. I want to thank everyone for
    the outstanding support given to
    us so far. It has been great!!

    A few notes for our New York City
    readers. The Atomic Network BBS
    Systems, which have been carrying
    Zmag since it's inception, have
    been in array and until they get
    their apparant problems resolved,
    Zmag will not be found on any of
    thier systems. The list includes,
    New York City BBS, The Electronic
    Shop, Funhouse BBS. This leaves
    us without a New York City system
    to post Zmag information on. If you
    know of any system in the Manhatten
    or 5 borough BBS system interested
    in Zmag, Please pass along this
    issue and leave me a message or if
    possible, drop me a note. Address
    and number in listed in Zsystem

    I would also like to add the
    following New Jersey Systems to the
    list, as they are either down or
    cant be reached for comment.
    This list includes:
    The MJAC BBS, which is closed till
    further notice. Steve the Kid is
    awaiting repair of his modem. Zmag
    should return soon on his system.
    The Hospital BBS which has promised
    to post current Zmag issues has yet
    to be contacted and even modem
    connecting has been unsuccessful.

    The Lions Den BBS has been added
    to our chopped list and next week
    I hope to add 2 more systems which
    are currently under consideration.

    If you want Zmag to be on your
    local BBS system, Ask them to post
    Zmag in thier download section, If
    possible have them get in touch
    with me or any local Zmag System.

    The vactioning Walt Drummond will
    return shortly. Hopefully we will
    have a another BBS review.

    Due to a filing error on my part
    I misplaced this weeks edition of
    ST Tomorrow. This column will
    return next week. My apologies to
    Column editor The Sorcerer.
    Xx Zmag Update

    There will be no issue released
    September 6th, I will be preparing
    for the birth of my first child
    which is due September 8th. Since
    this event will be taking up much
    of my free time, Zmag will be
    on vacation for that week. If this
    should change I will keep you all

    The Zmag contest ends September 6th
    and winners will be announced the
    following week. September 13th.

    Xx Comments from Last week's issue

    If you missed last weeks edition
    of Zmag (ZMAG809), you missed our
    best and longest issue to date.
    The subject was piracy and the
    response was unexpected!! It looks
    like there is a 70% to 30%
    difference in opinion, the 70%
    being commentary against pirating.

    I am happy to see that there are
    people out there who really care
    about Atari and the software
    companies. If we could only get the
    others out there to follow suit, I
    am sure we would all benefit from
    it. The last thing I want to do is
    preach about piracy here. But my
    comments will be here in Zmag in a
    few weeks. If you have something to
    say about piracy, send it in and
    see it here!!!
    Xx New Zmag System

    Zmag New Jersey has recruited
    another system into the Zmag
    The Lions Den BBS, located in
    Rahway, New Jersey. (201)396-0867

    This system stands out in our area
    because the sysop, Larry the Lion,
    has decided to use the Carina BBS
    System. A entirely different BBS
    system and complete new type of
    command structure. The following
    is the Main Menu from the system.

    NOTE: This menu is in ATASCII, so
    Compuserve readers reading this
    issue on-line will not be able to
    see it. For more information about
    this menu, see next weeks issue for
    the ascii version.

    * ***

    * ** *****

    * *** * ** ******

    * **|******** *****

    * ********** ===

    * ========================= *
    * Command Macros Function *
    **Msg Bases*Ctrl-W*Show Msg Bases *
    **Read *Ctrl-R*Read Messages *
    **Scan *Ctrl-Q*Scan Messages *
    **Post *Ctrl-P*Send Msg to Use*
    **Edit *Ctrl-E*Edit Current Ms*
    **Send *Ctrl-S*Send E-Mail *
    **Open *Ctrl-O*Check your Mail*
    **Feedback *Ctrl-Y*Msg to SysOp *
    **Databases*Ctrl-D*Show Databases *
    **View *Ctrl-V*View Database *
    **Bulletins*Ctrl-B*Bulletin File *
    **Status *Ctrl-T*Display Status *
    **Users *Ctrl-U*Show BBS Users *
    **Chat *Ctrl-C*Summon SysOp *
    **Menu * ?*This Menu *
    **Help * /*Help File *
    **Logoff *Ctrl-L*Exit BBS *
    **Sub-Cmds *Ctrl-I*User Database *
    **File-Tran*Ctrl-F*File Transfer *
    **Game *Ctrl-G*Game/Games *
    **All *Ctrl-A*****************
    **New *Ctrl-N*****************
    ************Ctrl-X*Delete Input *
    ************Ctrl-S*Pause Printing *
    ************Ctrl-C*Abort Printing *

    |Time Remaining| 69 Mins.


    (ed.) Next week will include a
    BBS review of this BBS.

    Give the BBS a call, it is open 24
    hours running 300/1200 baud.


    Talk about your signs of the times
    -- even the hookers are hooked up
    to computers these days. At least,
    that's what authorities in San
    Jose, Calif., say after busting
    what they identify as a
    prostitution ring that kept
    computer records on identities and
    sexual preferences of some 12,000
    businessmen who took advantage of
    the "escort services."

    According to The Associated Press,
    police this week raided the E, E &
    L Enterprises office in a Victorian
    building two blocks from the San
    Rafael police station and closed
    down the ring that reportedly
    employed 117 prostitutes.

    Lt. Joe Brockman of the San Jose
    police showed reporters three
    computers used by E, E & L, adding,
    "We have a room 8-feet square
    stacked head high with all kinds of
    paperwork, customer lists and
    business records."

    Says AP, "Among the details on the
    records of the businessmen who used
    the services of the five escort
    agencies were their names,telephone
    numbers, credit card numbers,
    sexual preferences, names of
    previous prostitutes they used,
    and comments by the prostitutes.
    ... Some of the comments entered
    into the computer about clients ...
    'Into the rough stuff,' or 'Is too
    kinky.'" Brockman said the hookers
    were dispatched via beeper to
    customers in San Jose, San
    Francisco, San Rafael, Fresno,
    Fairfield and Eureka.

    "The way it worked," he said, "was
    that a businessman would call up
    and ask for an escort. ... The
    dispatcher would then look up the
    man's file in the computer and
    match him with a girl he's used
    before or someone who would be
    acceptable, call her beeper number
    and dispatch her."

    Reportedly, the prostitutes carried
    credit card imprinters with them,
    took the customers' cards, gave
    them receipts and sent the stubs
    back to the E, E & L post office
    --Charles Bowen
    CompuServe Online Today
    Xx Express BBS

    Incase you havent heard or seen it
    yet, ICD is not running BBCS. In
    it's place is 850 Express! The
    following isn't very much, just the
    title screen and the Main Menu.

    ** ************
    *** ****************
    *** *******************
    *** **** _****
    *** *** *** _***
    *** *** *** ***
    *** *** *** ***
    *** *** *** ***
    *** **** *** ***
    *** ********* *** ***
    *** ******** ********
    ** ****** ******

    ICD, Inc's Bulletin Board System
    ICD Express!

    Running 850 Express!, US Robotics
    2400 MODEM, R-Time 8 Cart.
    Sparta Dos 3.2d, 1 Meg MIO
    with a 20 Meg Hard Drive

    Enjoy your stay

    Gr. by Peter A. Ritchie

    ICD Express! Main Menu

    *A*Atari/ASCII Mode *O*Other BBS#'s
    *B*Browse Files *Q*Quickscan
    *C*Call For Sysop *R*Read E-Mail
    *D*Download A File *S*Send E-Mail
    *F*Feedback To Sysop*T*Title Page
    *G*Goodbye (Log Off)*U*Upload File
    *I*System Info. *Y*Your Stats
    *L*Libraries */*Mini Menu
    *M*Member Listing *?*This Menu
    *N*System News

    ***Sub-Board List
    *=*Goto A SubBoard

    Xx Word about diskettes

    Your Atari disk drive uses 5 1/4"
    floppie disks. These are made of
    mylar with a magnetic coating and a
    dry surface lubricant.

    Handling of your disks requires
    special attention. Here are a few
    tips, just incase you forgot.

    1. Never touch the exposed surface
    of the disk.

    2. Do not bend, staple, paperclip,
    erase with a pencil eraser.

    3. Do not expose the disk to
    extreme temperatures. If you
    should change enviroment
    quickly, be sure to let the
    disk sit at room temperature
    for at least one hour before

    4. Keep disks in their protective
    jackets when not in use.

    5. Do not use a sharp writing tool
    to label your disk. Use a felt
    tip marker.

    6. Keep disks away from the
    following areas and equipment.

    Television, monitor, power
    supplies, motors, turntables,
    magnets, transformers, and any
    device which radiates a
    magnetic field.

    If you follow these simple rules
    you will have fewer errors.
    Xx Zmag Help

    This week, we go from Error Codes
    to Filename extenders. Since
    running my BBS, occasionally a
    question comes about extenders. The
    following text is some industry
    standard extenders and some you
    might recognize.

    .COM Command file
    Used in Spartados as a load
    and go type file. Also used
    on BBS systems for telecom

    .BAS Basic saved program, usually
    loading and/or running the

    .SAV Basic saved program, same as
    above. Denotes saved.

    .TXT A text file. Files made on
    a word processor might be
    have this type of extender.

    .DOC A text file. Documentation
    for a particular program.
    Same as above.

    .OBJ An object code file. Sometime
    this is used to denote files
    are loaded from DOS option

    .SYS Denotes a system file. Ex:

    .EXE An executable file, similar
    to COM above.

    .ASM A machine language source

    .BIN A binary data file. Also used
    same as OBJ above.

    .DAT A general data file.

    .PRN A listing to be printed.

    .BAT A batch file

    .HEX A hexidecimal coded file.

    .FNT A font file, character set.

    .LST A basic listed file.

    .SRC A general source file, also
    used to denote a scrunched

    .MUS A music file.

    .AMS A music file belonging to the
    Atari Music System.

    .MCS A music file belonging to
    Music Contruction Set.

    .PSF A Print Shop data file.

    .DOS A Spartados module for the
    init/xinit program.

    Next week I will take you through a
    few words common to your Atari and
    also list words and there meanings
    for other DOS and utilities.
    Carina Software Systems
    12390 57th Road North
    Royal Palm Beach, FL. 33411

    BY:Larry Mihalik

    It has only been advertized on a
    limited basis. It was developed by
    Jerry Horanoff in Florida, and it
    worked it's way into quite a number
    of bulletin boards in that state.
    After reading their ad, I called
    the Carina BBS board in Florida and
    took a tour through the board. I
    found it fast, responsive and quite

    Since I was in the process of
    putting up my own board, I decided
    to go with something new. I had
    experience with all the others,
    FoRem, BBCS, Carnival and Marsh. I
    wanted a 1200/300 baud board that I
    did not have to pull my hair out to
    run. One that will not "crash",
    "lock-up", or delete the password
    file on it's own!

    Was I asking for too much?

    I re-read the Carina ad again, and
    thought about the module theory of
    running a board. It also advertized
    that the message bases would be
    self compacting! I also like the
    part about full use of my ramdisk.

    So, I could not wait to try this
    new product out. I thought about it
    over the weekend and monday morning
    mailed my check for $69.95.

    Well, to my surprise, personal
    out-of-state check and all, I
    recieved the Carina BBS in 10 days!
    It came in a quality bindered
    user's manual and two single
    density disks which make up the
    system and text files of the
    bulletin board.

    As I read the manual I became even
    more intrigued, I would have full
    use of my ramdisk. I would be able
    to go to basic on-line and be able
    to run DOS-online!

    So I started by copying the systems
    disks for back-up. Yes, they are
    not copy protected, but Pirate
    BEWARE! Each and every copy of
    Carina BBS is encoded with a serial
    number, displayable on-line. If a
    pirated copy is being used, the
    serial number can be displayed and
    traced back to the original
    purchaser. I found this a novel
    approach and one we should all take

    Now, on to the board. After copying
    the systems files into a "boot"
    disk for the board, and creating a
    "data" disk when configuring the
    board, I was ready for a test-run.
    One of the features about Carina
    BBS is that on boot-up it will copy
    all files that you want to reside
    in the ramdisk, from the boot disk.
    This is set-up when you configure
    the board for the first time.

    Unfortunately, the first couple of
    times I tried this, it did not copy
    anything to the ramdisk. I read the
    instructions several times but it
    continued to ignore me. Then I sat
    back and read it aloud;"Booter.MO3
    will copy all locked files on the
    boot disk to the ramdisk."

    Did it say LOCKED?

    So, now it worked perfectly. I had
    set the ramdisk to D8:, with MYDOS
    4.1, which is not supplied by
    Carina, nor any other DOS. I have
    no complaints with this, but be
    aware that if you want to use your
    ramdisk, and have no DOS to support
    it, then you will have to incur an
    additional expense.

    Carina BBS does not need a ramdisk
    to operate, but it certainly is
    preferable, to get the most out of
    the host system. If you have a
    130xe then your ramdisk is large
    enough to hold most of the system
    files, which will free-up a lot of
    disk space; never mind the speed.

    I had a little bit of a different
    problem. I have a modified 800 with
    a 512k Magna ramdisk. I selected
    all the system files to reside in
    the ramdisk along with all the text
    files, and using both the AtascII
    and the AscII logon option, I still
    had 2800 sectors left in the
    ramdisk. So, I chose to put
    downloads on the ramdisk, only to
    find that not enough room resides
    on the boot disk to even dent the
    empty space of the ramdisk.

    I called Carina, and they
    instructed me to call thier BBS and
    I would find a revised Booter
    module that allows for disk
    swapping when copying to the
    ramdisk. I also discovered that I
    would need a fix program for the
    WAITCALL module since I was using
    the Avatex 1200 modem. I understand
    that these additions will be
    included on newer versions of
    Carina BBS.

    Also, if you plan to use the
    ramdisk to store anything like
    downloads or databases, the ramdisk
    must be named the last drive in
    your system. So if you have two
    disk drives, the ramdisk must be
    named D3:.

    So, with resolving these few
    problems, the board went up without
    a hitch. The documentation is in
    need of a few modifications,
    expecially regarding the ramdisk. I
    have to complement Carina on their
    technical support, all of my
    problems were resolved in a phone
    call. I have also received periodic
    help from Ken White, who acts as a
    roving guardian angel for Carina,
    calling all the Carina boards,
    offering help and suggestions.

    The board has been up and running
    fine, no lock-ups, no lost data,
    and no crashes.

    I have fulfilled my quest!

    Carina BBS is a quality product
    worth the $69.95 investment. Call
    my board (The Lion's Den
    201-396-0867) or the Carina BBS

    Look around, and remember that the
    Carina command set is different and
    unique in a positive sense, so
    capture the help file, so you can
    make your visit a worthwhile one.

    Larry Mihalik
    The Lion's Den BBS
    The Syndicate BBS
    Xx Znotes

    In future editons this is what we
    will be covering:

    Current BBS systems available for
    8 bit users and 16 bitters.

    List of good Public Domain Software
    available through BBS systems.

    A review and tour of all Zmag
    systems, thier software, Sysops,
    location, and features.

    Computer Show calender

    TV Update: Computer shows of
    interest on your local PBS

    and more.......
    Xx Interested in Getting Zmag??

    To BBS sysops interested in getting
    Zmag on your BBS.

    If you would like weekly issues of
    Zmag, no special requirements are
    needed. Leave me a message on
    CompuServe or the Syndicate or
    Lions Den BBS with your BBS number,
    Hours of operation and Head SysOp.
    I will add your name to the Zsystem
    list and make sure you get weekly
    issues. If you are located near
    Chicago, I will make sure you get
    on the Chicago list. If you are
    also interested in starting a local
    Zmag of your own, Please let me
    know and I will send off information.
    Xx Zmag Newsletter

    The Newsletter has finally been
    duplicated. I will be sending out
    copies near the end of August. If
    you are interested in getting a
    copy, send a self address stamped
    8 1/2 x 11 envelope with enough
    post to send it off.

    Zmagazine Newsletter
    Post Office Box 74
    Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074

    The newsletter contains most all
    Zmag issues to date. Included are
    Chicago issues. In future editions
    of the newsletter, I hope to have
    user group and reader columns.
    Thanks again for your support!
    Xx Larry's Corner

    Carina Help

    For those who have had little or no
    experience with Carina boards, I
    have decided to print a copy of the
    help file here in ZMag. I hope you
    put this to good use, since it will
    really make your visit's to a
    Carina board more interesting and
    far more efficient. In future
    issues I will go further in depth
    with each aspect of the board, and
    show off some of it's power.

    | |
    | LION'S DEN - Help File |
    | Ctrl-S Stop Ctrl-C Abort |
    | Please switch to ASCII mode, |
    | capture this file, and print |
    | it to your printer. |
    | To toggle between ASCII and |
    | ATASCII switch to mode desired |
    | and press RETURN at the prompt. |
    | All commands are words. Most |
    | words also have macro keys that |
    | will type the words for you. You |
    | can either type out the word, or |
    | press its corresponding key. Use |
    | whichever method you are most |
    | comfortable with. If you are |
    | going to use words, you will only|
    | need to type the first 3 letters.|
    | MENU -Summary of commands |
    | HELP -This file |
    | STATUS -Your current status |
    | USERS -People using this BBS |
    | CHAT -Summon system operator|
    | BULLETINS -News information |
    | LOGOFF -Exit this BBS |
    | DATABASES -Display database names|
    | VIEW -Display a database |
    | |
    | [specify a database after VIEW] |
    | MSG BASES -Display message |
    | base names |
    | |
    | READ -Read messages |
    | SCAN -Show message titles |
    | EDIT -Correct a message |
    | |
    | You must specify one of the |
    | following parameters... |
    | |
    | ALL |
    | NEW |
    | 5 in [MESSAGE BASE NAME] |
    | 5-7 in [MESSAGE BASE NAME] |
    | 5- in [MESSAGE BASE NAME] |
    | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
    | |
    | POST -Post a message |
    | |
    | You must specify one of the |
    | following parameters... |
    | |
    | |
    | TO [USER NAME] in |
    | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ |
    | |
    | OPEN -Check your mailbox |
    | SEND -Send a letter to user |
    | |
    | Specify ALL or NEW mail for OPEN |
    | and TO [USER NAME] for SEND |
    | |
    | SUB-CMDS -Independent SubSystem |
    | FILE-TRAN -File-Transfer program |
    | GAME -Game/Games to play |
    | /L -List your message |
    | /L# -List with line numbers |
    | /D -Delete a line |
    | /I -Insert a line |
    | /E -Edit a line |
    | |
    | You should specify one of the |
    | following after each command... |
    | |
    | 5 5-7 or 5- |
    | |
    | /T -Change title of message |
    | /R -Restart message |
    | /S -Save message |
    | /A -Abort message |
    | /H -Help |
    | |

    | |
    | DIRECTORY -Display files |
    | available for download|
    | |
    | You can specify [LANGUAGE] |
    | or [FILETYPE] |
    | |
    | DOWNLOAD -Receive file from BBS |
    | |
    | You must specify [FILENAME] |
    | |
    | UPLOAD -Send file to BBS |
    | |
    | You must specify " FILENAME " |
    | and [ACCESS LEVEL] you think |
    | it should be set at |
    | |
    | PRINT -Send TEXT or DOC file |
    | (non X-Modem) |
    | |
    | BBS -Return to BBS program |
    | |

    | |
    | By separating commands with |
    | either a . or a , you can |
    | make them work independently. |
    | Example - |
    | |
    | Read New in General, Post msg |
    | in General to All, Status, |
    | Users, Databases, Logoff. |
    | |
    | If you want to erase your input, |
    | type CONTROL-X as opposed to |
    | backspace. |
    | |
    | Using your macro keys, you can |
    | duplicate the above input by |
    | typing... |
    | |
    | ^R ^N General, ^P General to ^A, |
    | ^T, ^U, ^D, ^L "^" =Control |
    | |
    | This example is much less time- |
    | consuming, however, the first |
    | example is easier to understand. |
    | |

    Larry Mihalik
    Xx ZSystems
    /Zmag Information Network\
    Backstage BBS-201-944-1196
    E.B.B.B.S. -201-254-6449
    Mega Vision -216-228-7335
    Lions Den BBS-201-396-0867
    CompuServe -201-968-9000
    (GO ATARI8)->DL 7>BRO

    /Zmag Systems\
    Windy City Atari -312-775-2970
    Runequest -312-430-4234
    Enchanted Castle -312-525-0688
    Centari -312-668-0984
    Blue Moon -312-457-2219
    C.L.A.U.G. -312-889-1240
    Skid Row -312-439-5873
    M-Club1 -312-730-1846
    M-Club2 -312-349-8686
    M-Club4 -312-458-8260
    Generic -312-275-2894
    Software Plus -312-520-1780

    Coming soon to:
    Games Computers Play
    The Source
    Atari Inc BBS
    and your Local BBS

    Total Systems:19 was 22
    Goal for Next week:21

    Zmagazine August 16, 1986
    HOT Atari News Plus+++
    Ron Kovacs-Editor/Publisher
    Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074
    Please Contribute!!!!
    ZMAG.816 CompuServe filename
    Next Edition August 23, 1986