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Timothy Kline

Z*Magazine: 2-Aug-86

Z*Magazine: 2-Aug-86

  1. Timothy Kline
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    Subject: Z*Magazine: 2-Aug-86
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    Date: Sat Jul 3 20:39:59 1993

    Zmagazine HOT Atari
    August 2, 1986 News Plus++
    Editor-Ron Kovacs
    Assistant-Walt Drummond
    Xx Contents

    <*> Zmag Notes
    <*> Computer News
    <*> Basic Help
    <*> ST Product News
    <*> Zmag Systems
    <*> Zmag Contest
    <*> Zmag Newsletter
    <*> BBS News
    <*> ST Tommorror
    <*> BBCS Surveys

    Xx BBS News

    This past week Atari Connection BBS
    was closed down.

    Monday evening the Sayerville
    Police Department closed down the
    Atari Connection BBS here in New
    Jersey. They called and notified
    the SysOp five minutes before
    arriving with a search warrant.
    The Police took his back-up copy
    of BBCS and a few old game disks.
    The reason as I understand it at
    this time was that there were
    pirated games and files on his
    system. Evidently a disatisfied
    user called and reported him.
    A court date has been set for later
    in the month. I will keep you
    informed as details come in. Next
    week I hope to have an interview
    with the SysOp of this BBS.


    Xx Zmag Notes

    Walt Drummond is on vacation for
    the month of August. So there wont
    be any BBS reviews until his

    Zmag has made it to another
    system. GEnie is carrying Zmag.

    Xx Zmag Newsletter

    The Zmagazine Newsletter is
    complete and ready for distribution,
    anyone interested in getting a copy
    please leave me a message on CIS,
    or send a self-addressed stamped
    8 1/2 x 11 envelope to:

    Zmagazine New Jersey
    Post Office Box 74
    Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074

    or call:

    The Syndicate BBS (201)968-8148
    300/1200 Baud 24 Hours


    Xx Zmag Contest

    Here are the details for the Zmag
    contest. I am looking for a Koala,
    or equiv picture for the Zmag
    newsletter. I will compact and or
    put the winning picture on a T-
    Shirt. Contest begins August 2,
    1986 and closes Sept 6, 1986.
    All artwork submitted becomes
    property of the Syndicate BBS and
    will not be returned. You can send
    your picture to The Syndicate BBS
    or upload to your local Zmag
    system, please leave me a message
    so I know your file is there.
    At the close of the contest, we
    will pick a winner.


    The best picture will win $100.00
    Second place will win 1 Box of
    Memorex 2s/2d floppie disks.

    Winners will be announced in the
    September 13th edition of Zmag.

    Prizes will be awarded with 4 weeks
    after close of contest.

    Anyone can enter this contest.
    Zmag editors, publishers, BBS
    systems are void from entering.
    CompuServe SIG*Atari and other
    CompuServe employees are void
    from entering. All submissions must
    be entered and received by 12 MID
    EDT September 6, 1986. You can
    enter as many times as you wish.
    Judges for this contest are:
    Ron Kovacs,Rum-Runner,Larry Mihalik,
    Catwoman, all of the Syndicate BBS.

    If you have any questions please
    let me know.

    Judges decisions are final.
    Good Luck.!!

    Xx Basic Help

    We continue our list of Error Codes

    ERROR 11 BASIC Floating Point

    The program encountered a number
    with an absolute value less than
    1E-99 or greater than 1E+98. This
    error also occurs when an attempt
    is made to divide by zero.

    ERROR 12 BASIC Line not found

    GOSUB, or GOTO statement refrenced
    a line number that does not exist.

    ERROR 13 BASIC No matching FOR

    A NEXT statement was encountered
    that did not have a corresponding
    FOR statement.

    ERROR 14 BASIC Line too long

    The entered is greater than the
    length of the BASIC line
    processing buffer length.

    ERROR 15 BASIC GOSUB or FOR deleted

    A NEXT statement was emcountered
    for which the corresponding FOR or
    GOSUB statement had been deleted.

    ERROR 16 BASIC Return error

    A Return statement was encountered
    without a corresponding GOSUB

    ERROR 17 BASIC Garbage error

    This error is caused by faulty
    RAM or the incorrect use of a POKE

    ERROR 18 BASIC Invalid String Charc.

    A string does not begin with a
    valid character or the argument of
    a VAL statement is not a numeric

    ERROR 19 BASIC Load program too long

    The program being loaded will not
    fit in the available RAM.

    ERROR 20 BASIC Device number error

    A device number outside the range
    of 0 to 7 was entered.

    ERROR 21 BASIC Load file error

    The LOAD statement was incorrectly
    used to load a program that was not
    stored using the save format.

    ERROR 128 Break abort

    The break key was pressed during
    am I/O operation causing execution
    to stop.

    ERROR 129 IOCB already open
    (IOCB-Input/Output control block)

    This error occurs when an attempt
    is made to use a filenumber
    currently in use. Often, the file-
    number causing the error is
    automatically closed.

    ERROR 130 Nonexistant device

    This error occurs when a program
    attempts to access a device which
    is undefined. This error can occur
    when a filename is given without a
    required device name.

    ERROR 131 IOCB write only

    An Attempt was made to read from a
    file already opened only for
    writing operations. The file must
    be re-opened for a read or read/
    write operation.

    ERROR 132 Invalid command

    This error generally occurs when
    an illegal command code is being
    used with an XIO or IOCB command.

    ERROR 133 Device/file not open

    A filenumber was referenced before
    it was opened.

    ERROR 134 Bad IOCB number

    An attempt was made to use an
    illegal IOCB index. A BASIC program
    can only use filenumbers 1-7.

    ERROR 135 IOCB read only error

    An attempt was made to write to a
    device or file that is opened only
    for read operations.

    ERROR 136 End of file

    The end-of-a-file record was

    ERROR 137 Truncated record

    This error occurs when an attempt
    is made to read a record whose
    record size is larger than the
    allowed maximum. This error also
    occurs when an INPUT statement is
    used to read from a file created
    with a PUT command.

    Next week part 3!!!
    Xx ST Products News


    By Gigi Bisson

    LINK 255 STS!

    ST NET ($149.95) a local area
    network software package, allows
    several ST computers share floppy
    disks, hard disks and printers --
    even exchange messages and
    conversations. Two ST computers can
    be linked with two standard 5-pin
    DIN cables (not included). Up to
    255 STs can be linked using RJ-11
    cables (the same kind used to
    connect modular telephones) and the
    ST Net interface boxes ($49.95

    Quantum Microsystems
    PO Box 179,
    Liverpool, NY 13088.
    (315)451-7747. PRESS.


    With the CCC MICROHOST
    minicomputer, up to 128 Atari ST
    computers can function as smart
    terminals with 512 colors, high
    resolution graphics, and mouse,
    accessing 2,500 hours worth of
    courseware teachng math skills,
    reading, spelling and computer
    science to grades 1-8.

    Computer Ciriculum Corp.
    1070 Arastradeo Road
    PO Box 10080
    Palo Alto, CA 94304.
    (800)227-8324. FINAL.


    We interrupt this game to
    announce -- you have a lunch
    meeting! Helpmate, yet another
    SideKick-style desk accessory for
    the ST, has a neat gimick -- an
    alarm appointment calendar. At the
    date and time of the appointment,
    any GEM based application will be
    interrupted and an alarm will sound
    before a message announces the

    STCALC, ($49.95) a friendly
    GEM-based spreadsheet, features
    pull-down calculator and notepad
    desk accessories and the ability to
    "drag" the contents of one
    spreadsheet cell to a new location.

    HELPCALC ST ($24.95)
    is a set of 11 spreadsheet
    templates that can be used with ST
    Calc or Shanner International VIP
    Professional. Includes templates
    for loan amortization, depreciation
    schedules, investment analysis, and
    checkbook register with automatic
    expense account allocation

    Royal Software
    2160 West 11th
    Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402
    (503) 683-5361. FINAL.

    SIDECAR, yet another "SideClone"
    desk top organizer, includes
    calculator, calendar, notepad,
    address book, ASCII table to
    calculate the hex and decimal
    values of any recalled character
    and "Mini ST DOS" -- a program that
    lets you perform DOS commands such
    as copy, delete, rename without
    returning to the ST desktop. Works
    in all ST graphic resolutions.

    720 s. 333rd. Federal Way,
    WA 98003 (206)838-4677. PRESS.

    More from the desktop:
    MACRODESK, ($29.95) a GEM desktop
    accessory offers an algebraic
    calculator, alarm clock/calendar
    and card file database with phone
    autodial functions.

    MACROMANAGER ($39.95) includes
    MacroDesk along with a time
    managment and analysis tool,
    project scheduling worksheet and
    loan analysis functions.

    The MACROMATH ($34.95)scientific
    and algebraic calculator includes a
    statistical analysis package.

    Blue Moon Software
    13322 W. 105th,
    Lenexa, Kansas 66215
    (913)492-8219. FINAL.


    We first saw the PRINT-TECHNIK
    VIDEO DIGITZER at the Atari show
    in London, now this hardware
    digitizer and software package from
    Germany is making the rounds at
    American trade shows. The digitizer
    boasts a resolution of 256 x 256
    pixels and 16 levels of gray. To
    create color graphics, each gray
    level can be assigned one of 512 ST
    colors. Or, in the monochrome
    version, a different black and
    white pattern or texture can be
    assigned to each gray level. The
    digitized images can be modified
    with ST Doodle, DEGAS or NEOchrome
    graphics programs. Antic VP Jon
    Loveless (usually a pretty jaded
    guy when it comes to computers) was
    so blown away by the Print Technik
    digitizer when he first saw one at
    COMDEX, he actually bought it for
    his own use. Expected price is
    around $300.

    Nikolaistr 2
    8000 Munchen 40
    089/368197. DEMO.

    1200 BAUD UNDER $200

    The VOLKSMODEM VM520 ($199)
    1200/300 variable baud rate
    direct-connect ST modem features
    autodial, autoanswer, built-in
    speaker and a five-year limited
    waranty. The fully Hayes-
    compatible modem includes the
    popular ST Talk telecommunications

    Anchor Automation
    6913 Valjean Avenue
    Van Nuys, CA 91406.
    (818) 997-7758. PRESS.


    ST 3-D GRAPHICS ($24.95) may be
    the only book available that
    teaches three dimensional computer-
    aided-design in C language for the
    ST, describing such techniques as
    rotation and shading.

    Abacus Software
    2201 Kalamazoo SE,
    PO Box 7211, (616)241-5510. PRESS.


    Billed as bringing the
    sociological predictions of media
    analyst Marshall McLuhan to life,
    the first interactive movie
    software, CINEMAWARE was unveiled
    at the Spring CES in Chicago.
    Mindscape's Cinemaware software
    line is really a collection of
    interactive graphic computer games
    with cinematic themes. They employ
    cinematic techniques such as tilts,
    pans, closeups, reverse angles and
    360 degree turns and are
    accompanied by original
    soundtracks. One game will have
    over a megabyte of graphics
    information alone. Mindscape goes
    so far as saying Cinemaware "will
    interest ordinary people in
    computers." Now this we have to

    3444 Dundee Rd.
    Northbrook, IL 60062
    (312)480-7667. DEMO.


    Little people have been
    discovered living inside the ST.
    These endearing computer critters
    play games like blackjack,
    entertain you on the piano and
    organ in stereo, and who knows what
    else in Activision's Little
    Computer People Project ($49.95.)
    This ST version of the Commodore 64
    program has been completely
    redesigned to take advantage of the
    ST graphics.

    2350 Bayshore Frontage Rd.
    Mountain View, CA 94043.
    (415)960-0410. FINAL.


    Make Atari ST cartridges to save
    RAM, disk space and start-up time.
    burns, verifies, copies and edits
    memory devices such as ROMs,EPROMS,
    EEPROMS and electrically erasable
    RAMs. The $139.95 price includes
    power supply, hardware and software
    compatible with both color and
    monochrome models.

    Hippopotamus Software
    985 University Avenue
    Suite 12
    Los Gatos, CA 95030.
    (408) 395-3190. PRESS.

    Make your artwork come to life
    with MAKE IT MOVE. This $49.95
    graphic presentation program is
    compatible with all popular ST
    paint programs, creates titles and
    animation sequences for video
    recordings, and busiess
    presentation graphics utilizing
    zooms, fades, rotations and moving

    Avila Associates
    3646 Baker Lane,
    Lafayette, CA 95459
    (415) 284-5982. PRESS.


    No more fumbling with dip
    switches. You can access everything
    from the front pannel of the STAR
    NX-10 printer ($349) -- even set
    margins and align forms. Quick 120
    cps draft mode, 30 cps near letter
    quality, seven graphics modes and a
    wide variety of fonts -- even
    headlines and fine print.

    Star Micronics
    New York, NY
    (212) 986-6770.

    relational database management
    system for the ST, can process and
    link data from several files and
    generate reports. It works within
    GEM with icons, drop-down menus and
    mouse control. Frequent help
    windows and prompts aid the novice.
    The price in english pounds, is

    Talent Computer Systems
    Curran Building
    101 St. James Rd.
    Glasgow G4 0NS, Scotland. PRESS.


    The ST SCRUNTCH disk compactor
    ($14.95) can scruntch down a disk
    of separate files into a single,
    compact file. It comes in versions
    utilizing either GEM or standard
    Atari command line interface and
    includes a collection of
    programmer's disk utilities.

    Cherry Software
    3415 East 5th,
    Dayton, OH 45403. FINAL.


    According to the manufacturer,
    the 68000 Dissassembler ($35)
    "allows you to disassemble 68000
    binary code into human readable
    form" and then write the
    disassembled code into files that
    can be rerun through an assembler.

    SCI Software Development
    PO Box 391807
    Mountain View, CA 94039
    (415) 967-3288. PRESS.


    BONNIE BLUE is a sophisticated
    wordprocessor for the sophisticated
    user originally released for the
    IBM PC. Access 50 different editing
    commands from the function keys,
    display two documents on screen at
    once. A built-in database merges
    data into documents, or stores
    phone numbers. Frequently used
    command strings can be programmed
    in single-keystroke macros.

    Paperlogic Ltd
    Glengate House
    12 Nottingham Place
    London W1
    01-935-0148. PRESS.

    The MICROAPL APL.68000 APL
    interpreter is a complete
    implementation of IBM APL.SV
    enhanced with a multi-user file
    system, fast search and replace
    primitives, and local area network
    file and operational interfaces.
    Price is unavailable at this time.

    Spencer Organization Inc.
    Box 248,
    366 Kinderkamack Road,
    Westwood, NJ 07675
    (201) 666-6011. ALPHA.


    SOFTWORKS Basic ($79) is a full-
    fledged BASIC language system with
    advanced data structures, superior
    string manipulation, and accesS to
    programs written in other

    2944 N. Broadway
    Chicago, IL 60657.
    (312) 975-4030. FINAL.


    HABA MAIL ROOM ($74.95), a
    mailing list manager with search
    and display capabilities, will
    merge addresses directly with the
    HabaWriter word processor to create
    professional form letters. The
    mouse-controled HabaMerge ($39.95)
    mail merge utility prints
    personalized form letters with
    documents created by HabaWriter, or
    combines them with Habadex Phone
    Book files. The HabaView database
    ($74.95) uses GEM. HabaCheck
    ($74.95) lets you arrange your
    checkbook four ways.

    6711 Valjean Ave
    Van Nuys, CA 91406.
    (800)468-4222. PRESS.


    EARTHSPACE ($29.95), an
    educational graphics and text
    slideshow, explores the intricate
    relationships of the existence of
    life on our changing planet, Earth.

    Digital Reality
    362 West Broadway,
    New York, NY 10013. PRESS.


    Xx Zmag Messages from Chicago

    Message # :389
    Date & Time :07/27/86 04:45:39
    Replies :1
    Sent by :JEFF WILLIAMS

    I have uploaded a couple of issues
    of ZMAG to GEnie this past week and
    Bob Retelle will be letting me know
    whether to send more for use in the
    Atari Round Table. I will post a
    message to you here when I find out
    if GEnie subscribers will soon have
    access to ZMAG.
    In the meantime, I have set up a
    ZMAG SIG on The Software Plus BBS
    at 520-1780. To get to it, callers
    can use the IG command from the
    main menu to switch from the
    general SIG to the ZMAG SIG. It
    will ask for which SIG to move to.
    Callers should just hit RETURN to
    get a list of which SIGS are
    available and select the number for
    ZMAG. Once in the ZMAG SIG,
    registered callers can download any
    issues on file. ALL callers,
    registered or not, can read or
    capture the most current issue by
    selecting the [N]ews function from
    the main menu in the ZMAG SIG. The
    Software Plus BBS is up only during
    non-store hours.The BBS hours would
    then be:
    Mon, Thu, Fri: 9pm-11am
    Tue, Wed : 6pm-11am
    Sat : 6pm-11am (Monday)
    Sun : All day

    Jeff Williams

    Message # :394
    Date & Time :07/29/86 22:50:24
    Replies :0
    Subject :ZMAG ON GENIE!
    To :ALL
    Sent by :JEFF WILLIAMS

    ZMAG is now being posted on GEnie,
    the subscription computer online
    service that ties into countries
    all over the world! ZMAG will be
    found in catagory 11 of the
    download section in the Atari Round
    Table. Bob Retelle, the sysop of
    the Atari RT on GEnie, is very
    impressed with ZMAG and is willing
    to pass along any articles that
    GEnie subscribers would like to
    contribute to ZMAG. How about
    that? Hey, I'm impressed!

    Jeff Williams
    Jeff,thanks for passing the issues
    to Genie and for setting up the
    Zmag Sig on the Software Plus
    Board. Let's hope that Zmag does as
    well on Genie as it's doing on

    Message # :403
    Date & Time :07/30/86 18:48:10
    Replies :0
    Subject :NJ EDITIONS
    Sent by :JEFF WILLIAMS

    I would love to carry the NJ
    ZMAG edition! I haven't checked,
    but is it carried on this BBS? If
    not, is it on any other Chicago
    area BBS? If yes, I will get it
    from there.If not, you can upload
    it to the Software Plus BBS at
    (312)520-1780...nights and Sundays
    only.You won't be able to upload
    the first time you call... leave me
    a message that you called when you
    log off...I will have you validated
    in 24-48 hours.
    BTW...since charges are suspended
    while uploading to GEnie, I will
    upload your magazine when I upload
    the Chicago ZMAG.

    Jeff Williams
    Ron,if you're interested in getting
    your issues on a good board,give
    the Software Plus BBS a call.

    Message # :404
    Date & Time :07/30/86 10:53:58
    Replies :0
    Subject :NEWSLETTER
    Sent by :RON KOVACS

    Clinton, I have finished compiling
    and printing out your Zmag issues
    for the Zmag newsletter.If you have
    anything to add before I issue
    please let me know.I have over 100
    pages so far and will be ready to
    distribute soon.So far I have 18
    people on the list for
    distribution, I will include any
    you have to add. This first edition
    is free,But future editions will be
    charged shipping and copy cost
    only. Let me know your thoughts.
    Take care,
    Ron Zmag New Jersey

    I seem to remember that some local
    readers were interested in the Zmag
    newsletter idea.Well,Ron has went
    ahead with it and it sounds quite
    good.If you want to be put on the
    list,leave a message for me or
    Ron on Windy City.If you don't
    want everybody to know your address
    ,just leave the mailing info in
    private E-Mail.

    Letter : 621 [O] 07/22/86 06:50:22
    From : Sysop Jeff
    To : All
    Subject: What is ZMAG?

    ZMAG is a weekly online magazine
    originally published by Bruce
    Kennedy,currently published by
    Clinton Smith.
    It is made up of user-written
    articles and news items of interest
    to Atari computer owners.Each issue
    contains several articles, reviews,
    question & answers, and a guide to
    Chicago area user groups and
    bulletin board systems.
    ZMAG started as a local effort to
    help fill the gap between the
    monthly issues of such mainstream
    Atari magazines like Antic and
    Analog, and to educate local users
    to the resources available to them
    right here in the MidWest. Well,
    the concept of ZMAG has spread to
    other parts of the country now.
    Issues are available now on
    CompuServe and GEnie.
    Redited Edition August 2, 1986