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Anyone got a DUSTer?

Discussion in 'Looking to Rehome' started by Andy Barr, May 6, 2020.

  1. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Deckhand

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    I showed this little "beauty" to our Bev, earlier, and enquired if it was OK to bid for this old gal:


    I'm just regaining consciousness as she advised me this would NOT be a good move and her great "persuader" was the baseball bat with a breeze block tied to the end of it which she swung my way.

    My loss COULD be YOUR GAIN - get skegging, dusting and bidding over at:


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  2. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Chief Officer

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    Our ladies have a way of gently letting you down on wanted items...

    Mind you, that loks like it needs fumigating...
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  3. by M.D.Baker

    M.D.Baker Deckhand

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    I might like to build my own from kit, but that one I'd have to start over with, including a proper custom case. In fact, I'd tell him to keep the bits of wood "case" and send the hardware to save on shipping. But now isn't the time for me. I'd rather find a nice condition cased one, with or without upgrades.
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