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Atari 8-bit coding tools

Discussion in 'SIG: Atari 8-bit News and Development' started by AlexDrito, Aug 8, 2021.

  1. by AlexDrito

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    Recently I put my hands back on the ancient coding tools I used to work on my first home computer: the C64. I rediscovered many programming languages that I experimented with when I was still at school and then at the Uni. So assembly (Turbo Assembler), Pascal (Oxford Pascal) and C (Abacus Super-C). Even with all their limits they were fantastic tools to begin and to learn with.

    I don't know much of the Atari software programming tools that were available natively on the Atari 800 and then up to the XL/XE series. I know about FastBasic which can replace AtariBasic and some obscure Assembly Language compiler which now I don't remember. Can you help me find other high-level programming tools or environments? I mean, software tools that used to run on A8 machines, not cross-development tools such as CC65, MADS Pascal, KickC and other assembly command-line compilers. Pascal, C, Forth, Fortran, COBOL - no matter what the high-level programming language, can you name some of these tools similar to the ones that existed for the C64?

    Many thanks.
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    Not investigated high level languages so much.
    However Basic XL & Basic XE. Logo, lisp/65. Think also a 'C' compiler by OSS as well. Disk not cartridge based.. And of course assembler Atari's own and MAC/65. A number of versions of this. Oh and I forgot OSS did Action!
    Not sure as I've not used it but believe similar to Algol. Also a disk based Forth as well.
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    Thanks, guys. That's exactly what I was looking for.
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