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BBS Express Pro!

Discussion in 'SIG: Atari 8-Bit Software' started by Timothy Kline, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Yesterday, I started following a new topic of discussion revolving around the BBS Express Pro software, where the call was to make the software available to the Atari community on the basis of 1) preservation and 2) there hadn't been development or movement with the software in years; essentially, the software was dead (anyhow).

    Overnight, others added to the discussion / debate, but this morning the topic has vanished from AtariAge without even a post of closure or lock-down.

    Personally, I'm rather salty as far as BBS Express Pro, considering I'd purchased the 850 version back in the late 80s and operated my BBS, The North Kingdom, on it. This was when Keith Ledbetter still owned the software, if memory serves. Somehow, my registered copy went missing-- probably during a move of residence, and although I had paid for the right to use the software, there is no way for me to re-obtain a legitimate copy of it any more today than there was after Keith sold the rights to someone else, as I understand it.

    While I can hardly dispute the legal right of the copyright holders to ensure that the BBS software disappear from the Atari scene by prohibiting any form of preservation, this is clearly a decision of self-interest and not community interest-- which only further devalues BBS Express Pro as far as I am concerned. Boasts about stability of the platform ring hollow in the same way the loom's benefits and perks does today.

    Even so, there must be some sort of thinking that by withholding the obsolete software, the value is increased. Maybe it is, maybe it's not... but for this to be true, it surely must be available for sale to prospective buyers. Otherwise, it's a value set in the abstract. That leaves the aforementioned compulsory obsolescence of the software: we own it and nobody else can have it. Period.

    Except that I paid for the right to use a personal copy, was issued my own node assignment, and as far as I know, I'm just plain poop-outta-luck about that.

    I don't know the history of the debate implied during the topic's brief existence, but I fail to understand why the community is interested in a software which its own owners would prefer to see vanish from the scene by withholding all rights and access to said software, even those who legitimately paid the licensing fee. I'd think the community would be just as happy to see such a secularized, privatized software fade from the scene, best forgotten rather than painfully "missed" because of a misplaced fondness for the days when the platform wanted to be a part of the Atari community scene.

    Just my early, pre-morning musings.


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