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Blood fully boiled...RANT.

Discussion in 'SIG: General Chat' started by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine, Nov 2, 2023.

  1. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Captain

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    Day started off OK, managed to get my council tax bill more than halved and the court summons cost removed, the reason, totally miscalculated by Ealing.

    Job done...

    But the nobs at Chiswick pretended they were unable to read a letter, more annoying, the letter was telling them they got the household cost of living payment AND the cold weather payment, totalling 600.00. Sadly they decided they were being told they OWED that money and had to pay it..No matter how much they were told it was going into their bank account....Cindy screamed put the phone down after they refused to read the letter, saying they didn't know how...

    Then after keeping my daughter waiting all day for an assessment call by the DWP, they decided not to call her, they now told her today that "she did not attend" which is a black mark. She's had to get on the phone and almost in tears tell them that no one called and they could have her call logs as proof. The very people supposed to be there to help were using their powers to attack her

    And then the two things that just made me utterly livid..

    A. Hearing Boris Johnson had asked the medical experts about a 'special' hair dryer that kills the COVID virus. Now where did he get this world shattering info from, the fecking internet. Yes, Boris was using Youtube to find a cure. Seriously, and then asked his team to find a 'dead cat' story for the press to look at so to take covid off the front pages and screens as he was "fed up with it".

    This fuck stain was in charge of the country and he had not one clue. And then hopes that some random bad news story would give him a break. Always these feckers use the old dead cat scenario to misdirect the people. If you have never heard of the dead cat scenario, well now you have..

    B. The story that just incensed me. Matt Hancock, the crook who cashed in on COVID to supply PPE by his own sisters company. Well if you have not read the new story, apparently this caustic little prat wanted to be the person who decided who was allowed to live or die from covid. He wanted to take the control from the NHS doctors and the scientists and make the call himself. The little shit was trying to get a power trip by playing God. What a hateful little prick, what an arrogant c*nt, I hope him and Boris get roasted to the very bones for these disclosures.

    Makes you wonder / fear what the next story will be....Everyone in Boris's government was on the take (nothing new to Westminster) but the level to which they would go down to makes me sick to my core...

    A den of vultures.
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  2. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

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    Mate, I wish I could type something that would give you some relief from today's shit but the stuff you tell me doesn't surprise me and makes me feel equally angry that -
    "The powers that be" don't help the people who need support and assistance... no instead they place barriers in your way and prevent you obtaining the help and financial aid you need and look to instead penalise you - the fuckin bunch of penises... and then
    "The powers that be" are in league with these piss poor politicians who obscenely feather their own nests at tax payers expense and also have the audacity to think we're all so stupid we will vote them and their kind in again at the next election as they give the impression that they are indeed godlike and untouchable from the voter and citizen out there in shitsville UK.
    It's appalling the way folks like you are treated, mate, and these are disgusting examples of democracy being abused to the very limits of credibility.
    As I say, they must think we are feckin brain dead - for pity's sake get this lot out and pray to god that either Labour or the Libs can bring some decency, morals and proper parliamentary standards back into a new government...
    Sorry, hate getting involved in politics but as you say, Paul, today has shown more outrageous and unforgiving aspects to the Tory party who some would also call, with some justification, the nasty party or...
    The Nazi Party.
  3. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Captain

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    Sadly Mr Hancock has a face that just needs the tash to be Adolf, add to that his contempt towards the lower classes, and you have the perfect Aryan in Hitlers thought process...

    As you say, the notion that they think we are all dead in the head just belies their utter ignorance of the common person.

    I saw a guy on Question Time just savage the Tory party, especially for their allegiance to Johnson despite knowing he was way in it over his head and unfit for the job. The infighting that we now can read about just shows what a shambles they are, Hancock declared an idiot and a "liar", Johnson as "bumbling". Yet Silver Spoon man, Rhys-Mogg says he was a brilliant politician, mind you, getting a Knighthood can make you like a person.

    And now, someone who was pissed that she didn't get her promised Knighthood, slapper Dorries. Well now she has a book with more secrets promised, will she dish on Johnson or stay loyal...A woman scorned and all that..

    Personally, if these arses were on fire, I'd not cross the street to piss on them....They deserve nothing but contempt..

    But will Sunak stay with the sinking ship, or bail out while his head is above water...
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