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Hybrid Arts software for the Atari 8-bit and 130XE (or upgraded extended memory) I never knew!

Discussion in 'SIG: Atari 8-Bit Software' started by M.D.Baker, May 19, 2021.

  1. by M.D.Baker

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    I found a Midimate and Miditrack III software for the 130XE as discounted demo models back in the early 90's at a music shop, and I knew they had earlier versions of Miditrack for the 800 and XL models, and, of course, they were prolific publishers of Atari music oriented software and hardware for Atari ST's, very popular among musicians. But I never realized just how prolific their support for the 8-bit line, especially the 130XE, until I was searching Atarimania to see what software (and hardware combinations) there were for digitizers and MIDI support that I could use with my new Stylophone. And I stumbled upon all this Hybrid Arts software for the Atari 8-bit I never knew even existed beyond Miditrack! Not only that, but in cooperation with at least one MIDI keyboard company, Kawai America corporation, came out with an entire hardware and software system called 'The K3 System' for the 130XE that was specifically sold as a bundle with K3 keyboard, K3M module rack component and a 130XE system!

    sound_experience_kawai_k3.jpg xqmYlkk.jpg

    Hybrid Arts Atari software

    DX-editor (for Yamaha DX-7, TX keyboards)
    Genpatch (for keyboards without specific patches*)
    K3 Wave Table Editor(128K/130XE, for K3 keyboard & K3M system)
    MIDITrack 1(48K), 2(64K)and 3(128K/130XE)
    MIDIPatch* for keyboards: Casio CZ-101/CZ-1000, Yamaha DX-7
    MMS-MIDI Music System(48K)
    Oasis-(128K/130XE, for Ensonic Mirage Keyboard Sampler))
    Session Sounds 2.1(48K)
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  2. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

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    Incredible, Matt.

    Just like you, I had no idea all this MIDI s/ware existed for the Atari 8bits.


    Great find!
  3. by M.D.Baker

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    I want to get that K3 system for myself now. Though all I need is the K3 keyboard and K3M module since I already have everything on the Atari end (except a MIDIMate). It "sounds" like this is the best Atari 8-bit system MIDI set-up, with the Yamaha DX-7 and Casio CZ-101/1000 being the second and third tier, within the 8-bit MIDI choices. With that extra electronic module component and a keyboard (that I hear is very unique in it's own rite) it seems it would be a much more integrated MIDI studio system than if you choose the Yamaha or Casio set-ups. and certainly over keyboards brands that you would have to use the generic patch program and make it work yourself, and apparently not even and editor program for Casio's or other brands. I need to look into this Ensonic Mirage keyboard sampler more, which is apparently some additional electronic hardware that works with the Oasis program. I suspect it's a piece of hardware and software that can be added to any combination of MIDImate/MIDItrack and keyboard.

    But, initial searches of the K3 keyboard (where I learned it's something special) it looks like it's fetching around $500. I'm almost afraid to check into K3M pricing. I may have to settle for the second-tier Yamaha DX-7 with DX-editor and MIDItrack III. In any event, I still need to get either a MIDImate or buy or build my own MIDI interface before I can do anymore.

    As far as the Stylophone, I'm going to need to find and buy an Atari digitizer like the Parrot II or build my own. Then I can use the Parrot software and go from there, if I can integrate it into a MIDI system at all it will probably only be the use of digitized sound & Music files I can convert over or something, which will probably take another piece of software in the sound file conversion catagory...probably some unique sound/music software from one of the Eastern Europe software houses or some PD/homebrew app I need to locate.

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