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L for Leather

Discussion in 'SIG: Atari 8-Bit Software' started by Andy Barr, May 5, 2022.

  1. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Captain

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    Apparently, on your third wedding anniversary, the symbol or emblem is leather.

    What do you think the missus will make of me splashing out twenty quid on the old Infocom classic text adventure


    which immerses you, the intrepid adventurer, into a scenario whereby you try to thwart the goddesses' fiendish plan to turn all Earth males into their sex slaves...

    I tell you what lads, I might just lay back, think of England, and let em...

    Any road, as a lot of you guys enjoy this aspect of our hobby too, I can't get enough of the "big box packed with goodies" old faves of ours and this one is definitely no exception:


    Scratch n sniff? Why not, it's all part of the comic appeal of this series from Infocom.


    Did someone mention comic? There's one included inside too.


    3D glasses, odds n sods, disk, flyer, you name it await inside... it all looks to be there, present and complete.


    Well worth every penny, fellas.

    Some versions of this title are listed anywhere between £220-350 on Feebay (I never even knew there was a Ti-99 version either!)

    Anything you've bought lately that would either float a retro micro collector's boat and/or bring a "smile" (sardonic or deathly) to your other half's fizzer?

    Reveal all, Atari Owners, and it doesn't have to be kinky or leather.

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  2. by nysavant

    nysavant Chief Officer

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    I noticed that in the Baz cave the other day but thought that what a man gets up to in the privacy of his own cave is his business....

    Nice to see all the included bit to go with the game. Infocom were always really good with all the extras in the package. You can't get that with online downloads these days!
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  3. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Captain

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    My latest acquisition, Al.

    Came rattling through my input box just the other day!
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  4. by M.D.Baker

    M.D.Baker Chief Officer

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    Your cover is in better condition than mine. The colors are all sun-faded on my copy. Otherwise it is also complete and in good condition. Fantastic buy Andy!
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  5. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Captain

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    Many thanks, Matt.
    I will treasure it for sure.
    Sorry to hear that yours aint looking so great these days.
    Hoping you're well and business is good and also that your mum is at least in a comfortable state.
    Cheers, buddy (went to see Rich Hall the other week and for some peculiar reason... yep, he always reminds me of you cept you're funnier, pal!)

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