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OK, STRAP YERSENS IN... we're going back to MAY 84

Discussion in 'SIG: General Chat' started by Andy Barr, May 27, 2024.

  1. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Captain

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    Yep, you heard right.

    This (American) guy is taking us there NOW - no ,messing - you're gonna get the full immersion treatment - culture, fashion, music, the colour, the lights, the sounds...



    Take it away, Retro Dream


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  2. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Captain

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    A bit too sugary coated for me, also, too much PC basis....Or, I'm just a grump ;)
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  3. by nysavant

    nysavant Chief Officer

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    I enjoyed it, a nice rose tinted look back that was quite fun :)
    Maybe I'm not a grumpy Scotsman after all....
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  4. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Captain

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    Agree with both you guys - the bloke is way too rose tinted, DJ-esque and OTT and the content is way-too PC orientated - he could have referenced a lot more Commodore/Atari goings on... did he mention either at all?! But there were parts which were entertaining so I take your points too, Al. I did enjoy the Amstrad CPC464 part so we can't say he ignored the Brit scene cos he deffo mentioned it (and all those US modem owners... 44% had one back then - not in the UK they didn't back then...I would hazard to guess about 4%!)

    I think, without wanting to sound too biased, we need the UK equivalent gadger? :)

    Keep looking, fellas.

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