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Other 8 Bits... So what do you have ?

Discussion in 'SIG: General Chat' started by Graham, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. by Graham

    Graham Deckhand

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    Well with the Atari being 6502 'based', along with the Oric 1 / Atmos, BBC B and Commodore PET, Vic 20 / C64 / 128 and so on.. etc.
    We also seem to have found ourselves with the odd Spectrum with a Z80 (And ARM cpu’s emulating one in a laptop) also a Z80 based Amstrad CPC6128 restoration.. Welsh Monsters with 6809 / 63c09's
    Not to mention peripherals 1050 with a 6507 another variant of 6502, of course ‘SALLY’ is also a custom 6502, and the 6510 in the C64.

    Being a nosey bugger I wondered what other Peeps have been hiding away.

    To start my Retro collection off Atari’s, BBC ‘B’ s and an original IBM XT, and although not used at all a pair of spectrums. (I don’t even know if they work)

    I’ll not include my collection of self-made PC’s nor a collection of Dell laptops. As these aren’t retro... (yet)

    I’ve two things I'm interested in; for the future, an Oric-1 / Atmos would prefer an Atmos
    . However I did used to dabble professionally with the Z80A/Z80B in the very early Motorola Mobile Telephone exchanges (EMX 250/500’s) back in the 80’s early 90’s.

    I’ve many spares from this era, in fact tubes of Z80 processors and PIO's DART's, etc.

    I personally don’t hold that much interest in the Spectrums as I’ve said. Sorry just me.
    However the CPC 6128 does look an interesting machine. using Bank switching technique’s similar to the 130XE
  2. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Chief Officer

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    Nice thread/idea, Graham.

    I will sort your Atmos request out - I think if anyone on here should help you out it should be me really as you've done such a lot (along with Richie) to help me out with the microdisc's power supply etc so let's just keep an eye on "the market" and I'm sure a chance to pounce will come along at some stage (as Richie says, the best bet right now is to make a move on a french Leboncoin machine and maybe have it sent 1st to Manu - if he's good with that - and then sent to you - or to me - if you'd like me to have a good look 1st and then maybe ensure it has a decent "start-up" selection of bits and bobs as I keep some spares such as leads/PSUs/manuals/mags and of course... GAMES!

    Aye, I guess we all have either the odd "prize" specimen hidden away for safe-keeping OR we have the odd "forgotten" machine we've completely overlooked and is right now still at the back of that spares cupboard/bottom drawer/stuck in the loft/garage etc.

    I have often found (usually peripherals) equipment that I'd clean forgotten that X, Y or Z gave me, swapped for something or bought on a whim/thought it would come in handy then got stowed away until being rediscovered again looking for something else: countless joysticks, data recorders, boxes of software and even a solid state hard drive which has proved just the job for the Acer laptop Win 7 rebuild.

    However, in terms of computers, I MUST NOT FORGET (even though I seemingly always do) that I have a damn bloody good working 1200XL and an Amstrad CPC464 which Richie extremely kindly sent me which get next to zero play time but I'm damned determined to put all that right once all the dust has literally settled this end.

    Other than that, I have an Atmos with dual switchable OSs, an Oric-1 (at Richie's), I think a couple of 800XLs (how sad is that that I'm not certain?! Plus a 130XE and an 800XE. I know I sold one to Brenski before A.S. died for a nominal sum), an Amiga 500, a BBC Model B and again - like you - a couple of Spectrums (original rubber key 48K and a Plus 2...I think!!)

    Again, like you, I have a motley collection of approx 5-6 PCs mothballed in the garage and 3-4 laptops in a similar redundant state in the loft which really, hand on heart, are just taking up space and other than needing maybe 1 of each for spares/projects, they should go to I.T. recycling heaven.

    I really need to clear these as they do not help in my battle to at least convey a sense of "balance" between normal life and this retro passion that us fellas have which puts us at odds when our other halves are saying... GET RID OF SOME OF THAT JUNK!! (and you damn well know they have a very good point and yet just continue to store it!!)
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  3. by Graham

    Graham Deckhand

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    Wow a fair collection. And as of about 30 mins ago I have a Schneider CPC6128 on its way to me, more by accident as had been watching several on FeePay ( and Oric's/ Atmos), but all silly money), some located in France & Germany, a few in this country, I had an email via said site offering me one of the 6128's I had on watch for a much reduced price like 25% off, we are talking less than £100 ...

    As some are miles more than that 'Thought' for about 2 secs and pulled the trigger..

    I'll need to sort out PSU and connection to external monitor and likely a gotek as I'd guess the drive is dead. (maybe a belt but 3" disc's ??) However the computer itself is shown as working. I’ve just got to wait a week or so now.

    I'd have to be embarrassed about the number of PC's I own, there are eight in the room I’m in at the moment (ones a server) without including laptops, plus several M/B in boxes. I’ve 5 Dell laptops all used for different things. One dedicated to AVR/ Arduino type work, with different IDE’s installed alongside all the programs I’ve written, It has multiple Arduino IDE’s as program something one week update the IDE, and the same running program that was running now won’t compile due to the latest library upgrade.. Doh..

    I’ve a workstation class PC with a good screen dedicated to PCB design, I was using professional layout software, at a cost, however I’ve gone over to using KiCAD this saves a considerable amount of money, but of course hasn’t the same bells and whistles.
    I won't start on whats in the shed & loft....
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