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Soccer Boss or Howler Monkey available for Beeb/Elk?

Discussion in 'SIG: 8-Bit Software' started by Andy Barr, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. by Andy Barr
    Andy Barr

    Andy Barr Chief Officer

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    I don;t know about you homo sapiens, but are Alternative Software aping around here or just taking the monkey out of our trousers with this release from way back when:

    [​IMG] versus [​IMG]


    As ever...

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  2. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Chief Officer

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    Howler Monkey????

    Far too many drugs being done in those days.....Seems every programmer was as stoned as Jeff Minter :)

    Btw, did anyone ever hear the rumour that Andrew Braybrook (him or Uridium on the C64) and his Hewson cohort Stewart Turner as being romantically linked back in the day..

    Heard it from a very good source a while back..

    I wonder if his next game was originally called Up the Back Alley Kat..
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