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Some Atari Spring cleaning and custom detailing

Discussion in 'SIG: Atari 8-Bit Hardware' started by M.D.Baker, Feb 22, 2021.

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    Yesterday I got the bug to do a deep-clean detailing on my XL equipment (800 is next) and to add some fuji logos and other accents to some of the peripherals too.

    Starting with a cleaning and detailing using window cleaner, toothbrush and rag, and then shined them up with some Orange Glo wood furniture polish (that I have been using to preserve and "polish" the plastic cases of all my electronic hardware for decades now).

    I added a Fuji and the text "NET" to the 1030 case, basically using the 'ATARI' letters from the bottom of one of the Fujinet metallic logos I had, that I did not use with the Fuji's on the 1050 drives, and cutting and pasting the letters to make up 'NET'. The Fuji logo itself on the 1030 is not one of the metallic decals, but actually the raised, brushed-metal Fuji that I cut out of an old 130XE name plate I had from 15 years ago after I had replaced my 130XE's name plate before selling it (the red ATARI was very faded). As well as sprucing-up the original text on it as the 1030 will soon (this year some time) be my second Fujinet and SIO hub. I'll be installing a DIY Fujinet and my APElink SIO hub both into it, maybe more, like MIDI instead of trying to cram it into the 1200XL with all it's current upgrades and more future one including Rapidus. VBXE, Dual PIA and internal 3.5" floppy. The 1030 is just too big a case to just convert to a Fujinet, but I think it is appropriate since the modem is truly obsolete for me.I will, of course, save the board for posterity or what ever I'll leave it in there just removing the larger components to make room, and cut traces to the power, led switch and SIO ports;easily reversible/reparable and connect the Fujinet to those things for it's use and the SIO hub's.

    The 1050 Happy drives also got some love and accenting, and I got rid of the awful draft-quality print label on my Turbo Freezer, revealing it's clear shell and internals properly, and added a Fuji logo to it, only keeping switch designation text from the old label, until I find something better to replace it with. And the blank-cased Fujinet for my 800 also got an Atari Fuji logo. I still have to find a way to label the buttons on it as well though.

    The silver painted 'power' and 'on-off' text on the 1050's and 1030 was done with a paint pen.

    20210222_093944.jpg 20210222_101857.jpg 20210222_094048.jpg 20210222_094102.jpg

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