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    “A small step for us, a giant leap for RetroMagazine!”

    We finally made it! Our first international issue is out now, totally IN ENGLISH, totally FREE and totally AD-FREE! The NEW retrocomputing and retrogaming fanzine features 40 pages full of articles, columns, interviews and game reviews. In this issue: BBC BASIC: is it the best BASIC ever?, coding Vectrex games in assembly, the D64 file format, the history of the unlucky Sinclair QL, an interview with Gideon Zweijtzer and reviews of great games like Civilization and The Pawn!

    Plus a special challenge between two chess programs: Zx Spectrum Cyrus Chess Vs. Atari 8-bit Colossus Chess! Guess which of two emerged victorious?

    Download it now:

    Let us know what you think about our mag through the Facebook official group or email: retromagazine.redazione@gmail.com

    And if you like it, please share this post and help us spread the word!
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