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Terminator: Dark Salvation

Discussion in 'SIG: Books and Movies' started by Timothy Kline, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. by Timothy Kline
    Timothy Kline

    Timothy Kline Administrator Staff Member

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    Let me save you the running time: it's awful.

    Just awful.

    I really tried to let it speak for itself against the hype and spoilers since its release, and I admit that I had a rough idea of some of the biggest complaints— but I consider myself a person who can still come at something objectively and just let it speak for itself, you know?

    And I get what they might have been going for, but whether in the execution or in the cutting room, it didn't work for this fan who has been locked in with Terminator mythos since the first movie— and someone who loved the Sarah Connor Chronicles as it founds its footing, only to be unceremoniously cancelled like Fox does.

    Mind you, I happened to like the recent reboot, although the choice of lead actress didn't feel as solid as I wanted.

    And I enjoyed the other movies of the franchise, in their own rights, own them, and will no doubt watch them again like I do the Planet of the Apes films, classic and reboot.

    But I couldn't find anything here that served to push the story further. It was a video game with occasional cut-scenes of dialogue— which would have been endurable if the story that did push itself up for air had any substance to grasp onto.

    Terminator: Dark Fate has to be the most disappointing film I've ever seen from James Cameron, because I can't think of any other story he's put to film that goes anywhere near this debacle, this travesty to the Terminator mythos.

    I didn't see it as any big deal when the "controversial" bit happened in the movie's opening, although the CGI sequence was inferior and rushed, judging by the quality I saw on the blu-ray. This was a movie about two Sarahs, the passing of the torch, at its core, but by the time the movie finished, it was a shrug and "Well, that's that."

    It's tough to write the closure to any story. People continue to complain about how the guys behind HBO's Game of Thrones series ruined the final season's story— when the books the show was based on hasn't even been written by the author. And, frankly, they were probably empty at this point: they were good at adapting material and not so good when it had to be their own material.

    Others are still fuming at the most-recent Star Wars film, apparently a raging disappointment to fandom, because Disney didn't provide a satisfying ending to a story that people have invested a big chunk of their lives familiar with. I haven't kept up with the Star Wars films since Disney purchased them from LucasFilm, so I can't speak to the films after the Clone Wars and Star Wars series.

    Others' mileage may vary, but Terminator: Dark Fate should have began with a Fade to Black.

  2. by Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine
    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine

    Paul "Mclaneinc" Irvine Chief Officer

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    I think it could have been 100% better, the SFX on the baddie was pretty grim, the alternation between CG face and real face was a total messup, it should be a seamless transition but you could tell the CG face and the change over like night and day. It may sound a bit so what to mock the FX but in a story about cybernetic killing machines who can transform it really needs to be good to convey the amazingness of the characters.

    Its hard to talk about the film without spoiling it (can we have spoiler text Tim) but the under use of one character is almost offensive, blink of an eye and you miss them.

    I think its time to shut the franchise off...

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