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The Vertical Plane - a BBC Micro Ghost Story but from the past - or the future?

Discussion in 'SIG: Books and Movies' started by Andy Barr, Nov 30, 2021.

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    If I recall correctly, years and years back, in the days of the old Atari Sector, I posted a 1980s ghost story link to a website which hosted podcasts and one in particular that recounted the tale of an intriguing incident which allegedly occurred in 1986 in an old cottage, involving a borrowed BBC Micro and messages seemingly appearing "out of the ether" from both the past and the future...

    It still gives you the old goosebumps now - if you sit and listen to this tale, late at night, as I just have.

    Here's the Nostalgia Nerd's take on it after purchasing "the book" for a sweet sum of money but all in a day's work for this guy as he loves to have all the pertinent materials at hand whenever he's tackling his specific subject.


    Over to you then, NN and the ghost of the BBC Micro...

    Comments, please...

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