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    I'm a VHS collector, and I guess it's a good idea to archive footage of the technology for posterity, but I also still record to VHS, that is, Super VHS, and I find the best HD wide-screen footage I can when I record to it these days. They look better than original VHS releases, even S-VHS, as the source is better quality and it records in full-screen wide-screen, not letter-boxed. Sandard VHS and Beta are actually capable of this too, it's just a matter of the screen ration from the source video, but still within the media's resolution or bandwidth.

    Of course I also still record video for Video CD, DVD and even Jaguar CD Cinepak streaming video. I have a DVD player and my Dreamcast that can play the Video CD format, Atari's Cinepak compression technology on the Jaguar CD is of similar quality, but you get full control of screen ratio and positioning and zooming and other features built into Jaguar CD cinepak recordings. An early version really of the Nuon DVD technology that came and also failed a few years later.

    Cinepak wasn't entirely exclusive to Atari Jaguar though, it was used for video in PC games a lot too as well as many Sega CD, 3DO and Sega Saturn game videos. I have the original Night of the Living Dead recorded over 3 Jaguar CD Cinepak CD's. Tools have been made to create your own movies for Jaguar CD Cinepak. It's lots of fun to make them. Though I guess good, working Jaguar CD units like mine are getting rare. Mine hasn't failed me yet in all the years I've owned it, I just take care of it. It can be eccentric and sometimes several attempts are needed in starting something, but I can always make it work.

    I mention Video-CD and Jaguar Cinepak because both are of similar quality as standard VHS, just digital instead of analog.

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