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What's new Pussycat too?

Discussion in 'SIG: General Chat' started by M.D.Baker, May 4, 2020.

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    You'll have to listen to the second half of Cygnus X-1: Book Two on first side of the next album, Hemispheres.

    Have you listened to Xanadu on A Farewell to Kings album yet?

    The term "rock opera" or "opera" associated with rock music has always left a bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. I prefer the term rock symphonies. But yeah, Cygnus X-1 is definitely diving head first into the deep end as far as Rush goes...next step should be Rush 2112, the 20 minute rock symphony story that covers the entire first side of the album of the same name. My favorite Rush rock symphony story is on their album Caress of Steel; called The Necromancer...

    Next will be time to go wading into their instrumentals including La Villa Strangiato, YYZ (YYZED), and Malignant Narcissism to name a few.

    And if you didn't already know, all that incredible sound come from just 3 members in the group, all with multiple virtuoso talents to multi-task with multiple instruments.

    Geddy Lee, the singer, is also the bassist and keyboards too, often switching between them in the same song, and he also uses foot-peddle keyboard synths when he has to play bass and sing at the same time too.

    Alex Lifeson, the lead guitarist also sometimes plays keyboard and is back-up vocals and both him and Geddy play rhythm guitar too, often using double-neck guitars with rhythm and lead, and rhythm and bass for each. Neil Peart, the groups drummer and percussionist is the greatest drummer in the history of the world, and also is the sole lyricist for all the songs, the other two compose the music. A discography of 168 original songs and 8 cover songs covering 19 studio albums, and one studio cover album. Many more than that, but the rest are "live" albums from tours, which is actually the better way to experience Rush...
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