At the base of our framework’s frontend core, you’ll find the integration of Twitter Bootstrap. We’ve done our best to give you the features of Twitter Bootstrap without your website screaming, “I used Bootstrap,” when people view it for the first time.

Our Bootstrap integration then trickles down into providing you with some cool features.

Consistant Typography

The greatest part of Bootstrap is taking care of the nitty-gritty items providing us with a solid base for all typographic elements. This will ensure that working with your pages and posts will provide a consistant, user-friendly experience.

Fluid Grid System

All primary layout columns are constructed with Bootstrap’s responsive 12-column grid system.

Navigation Menus

With the help of Bootstrap we’ve been able to enhance the WordPress menu builder. — Learn More

Vector Icon Integration

With the help of Fontawesome, we’ve also been able to get the most out of Bootstrap’s icon system. — Learn More


Many of our shortcodes are enhanced to work with Bootstrap. Make sure to explore them all. — View Shortcodes

Child Theme Development

And of course, don’t forget your Child theme development. Take advantage of anything form the Bootstrap documentation in your Child themes.