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  1. Graham
    Looks like your still going to be busy for a while then, I find moveable spotlights especilly the small MR16 LED ones to be very useful, and low power.. I did spot the large crystal on a circuit...
  2. M.D.Baker
    Yes, I had the1200XL and 1050 powered up. LED lighting for both 1050's is powered off the one 1050, the cable only long enough for them to be stacked or side-by-side. I did this because the other...
  3. Graham
    Hi Matt checking out 3827 against 4446, I know this is a my personal preferance but I think the scroll is way older in looks than the 'Atari' era of the 80's so I guess for me seems out of...
  4. M.D.Baker
    Well, I can't help myself. Working both on the main house with my brother by day, building him a bedroom and bath, which involved moving a bunch of construction supplies, tools and junk in storage...
  5. Graham
    It's a shame that you have lost the comments :(:( However the area you have created for youself is really great, that along with not just systems but all of the additional media you have...

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