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  1. by M.D.Baker

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    I love classic ads like this for Atari's. I just wish I could read it. Though it looks to be very similar to English language Atari ads, just a different pciture and caption. So I get the "gist" of it.
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  2. by Timothy Kline
    Timothy Kline

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    I thought it was Spanish, initially, but it's Italian.

    I had started to type all the text into Google Translate (which is how I managed the title) but then thought noooooo, just post the ad, Tim!

    And you know what? It worked! What a time saver!! :)

    Like you, I really enjoy all the ways the Atari was shown to be useful for more than games. Ads like these are ingenious plugs!

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  3. by Graham

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    Love the Italian sports car in the background ;)